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Project Piñata - NB Miata Project Build Thread

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Hey all, 

I know many of you from my infrequent appearances over the years at autocross and lapping events. I've always wanted a simple, gutted, "race" car that I can drive to/from autocross and lapping events and not be worried about lack of insurance, damage, etc. The truth is, the 993 is turning 25 years old this spring and the idea of an inevitable "off" makes me cringe. 

Little about the car... I found this in the bush north of the city. Story is that the engine has issues and was parked 2 years ago. The top is ripped and has been letting in the elements so it is fair to say the interior is 100% shot. Perfect, as I don't need any of it. It is a 1999 Miata, originally from Texas. Inspection showed minimal to zero rust. Little but of surface where water has been sitting, but zero rot or structural damage. Very surprising actually. 


My primary goals for the car is as follow:

1. Safe platform for learning

2. Driveable to/from autocross & Gimli lapping events

3. No specific class, more focused on learning & fun for now

4. Low low low cost. Used parts wherever possible


Based on the list above, my rough plan at this point is:

1. Remove all rotten, gross and wet carpet. Thoroughly clean the interior.

2. Get the car running again. I'm not sure what it needs, so this could either be simple or...

3. Determine what the car needs for safety

4. After safety check passed, minimal safety mods - roll bar, seats, harnesses

5. Drive, break, repeat


Additions to this thread will be infrequent, but through i'd keep it all in one place. Hit me up if anyone has any Miata parts lying around. I'll need just about everything. 


Anyways, here are some pics:


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