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New Spec Studded Tires

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With the planned changes toward a more affordable spec studded tire we are looking at doing a bulk order of both tires and stud hardware in order to run quality but affordable homemade studded tires. Please note that any racers that have Black Rocket tires still from last year will be allowed to continue using these tires. It is however worth noting there is no guarantee that the Black Rocket tires will be as competitive as the new spec studded tires.

Tires: The tire we are currently looking at ordering are Ovation W586 Winter Tires.

  • 175/70R13
  • 175/65R14

Tire Shaving: The recommendation is to utilize a new tire and then shave the rubber tread completely off prior to installing the studs. This significantly increases tire and stud life as well as allows us to utilize standard hardware. We are currently working on building a tire shaving machine for the club to utilize. The goal for this year is to bulk order tires and shave them prior to providing them to the racers along with the necessary hardware.

Studs: The hardware will include an M6x1.0x25mm HD Body Bolt along with 2 large washers and an M6x1.0 top lock nut. With the stipulation of 9 bolts per foot a typical tire will include just over 50 bolts. A bulk order of hardware will be made and supplied to racers as required based on their tire needs.

Cost: There are a few separate items that need to be included in the cost of the studded tire.

  • $70 – cost of new tire
  • $10 – temporary mounting cost (required prior to shaving)
  • $25 – tire shaving
  • $45 – bolts washers and nut

With these estimates we are forecasting a cost of $150 per tire – all in. This provides you with a new shaved tire, hardware and instructions on how to install the bolts and complete the tire.

As an option we are also looking at a cost of $200 per tire fully studded for anyone that either doesn’t have the time or ability to build these tires themselves. The availability of completed tires may be limited so please inform me as soon as possible if this is your preference.

Most important is the fact that we need to purchase these tires and hardware very soon in order to have time to prepare them. If anyone has not confirmed with me already what size and number of tires they require they should contact me as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or require more info please contact myself or email ice@wscc.mb.ca

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Please note that we are finalizing and proceeding with a bulk tire/hardware order.  See the "Spec Studded Tire Order" post in the General Discussion forum for information and feel free to contact me in you have any questions.





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Just a heads up to those choosing to purchase tires as part of our discounted bulk order....the tire supplier, type and size has changed.

I have secured a great price for a bulk order of Goodride A/S tires that are 155/80/13


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