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Date for 2021 HPDE / Licensing School confirmed!

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After COVID19 ruined our plans for a High Speed Driving Experience and Licensing School in May 2020, we are optimistically planning for a great 2021 season. Knowing how much people are looking forward to this event, we set the date for May 1st and 2nd of 2021. Expect to see some minor changes to the layout of the event, yet it will be again a highly anticipated weekend for participants and volunteers alike!

Watch motorsportreg.com after New Year for the opportunity to sign up. The HPDE / Licensing School traditionally has sold out rather quickly.in the past few years - signing up early helps to attain one of those coveted spots in the event!

Please stay tuned for more information! Meanwhile, let all your friends and acquaintances know that very soon it is time to get enrolled!

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I will be there to help out in any way, as always.


I still have some drivers interested who have been on the fence for quite some time.

Will we be going back to Instructors driving student cars, or will we continue the "lead/follow" methods used this year? This is very important to some people, and is the only thing holding them back from joining up and getting into Time Attack.

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