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2020 Volunteers and Competitors - Thank You!

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As we all know, 2020 was a hugely challenging year. Due to the changing rules surrounding COVID, our volunteers and racers had no idea what to expect from week to week. In 2020, our initial meeting after group sizes were increased to 50 people occurred on a Sunday and the volunteer team committed to launching the season the next Saturday! This is unprecedented! It usually takes a month or more to plan, test and confirm all systems are good to go. The team this year did all of that preparation work in 6 days! I have no words for that other than WOW, and thank you

As the season progressed, things got easier and ran fairly smoothly. We had some challenges, but all competitors took that in stride. Heck, we even had our first event in years with no official results and there were no angry complaints! To the competitors from all of us volunteers: Thank you for your patience!

Every WSCC member and attendee had an impact in making this 2020 Autox season a positive experience. We all experienced adversity this year, but our time at St Andrews brought a refreshing positivity and a lets-go-racing distraction for us all. For this, we thank all of you.  

Cheers to a more predictable 2021?

No matter what next year brings, we know we will enjoy our time to make some noise! Have a great off season, everybody! 

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