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2021 Ice Race Series planning

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Greetings all, here's an update on some of the key changes we are planning for this year's ice racing.

Caged car class - due to the low number of caged cars running door to door we are proposing running a single "studded" class of cars.  This class would be expected to run either Black Rocket tires or a new spec bolted tire design. So far it looks like about 7-9 cars are expected to compete in this class (with hopefully a couple more deciding to jump in as well).

Hotlapping - we plan on running RTI cars and cageless cars in between the studded races similiar to how the Time Attack groups run with the Sedan Racing during our summer season. We are excited about creating this new "Ice Attack" group and hope it entices many newcomers.

Spec Studded Tire  - we are looking at making a bulk purchase order of hardware (bolts/washers) and tires. We are still determining the tire however using a spec tire will keep everything consistent since the club doesn't own a tire shaving machine. Estimates for the tires and hardware look to be around $500 for a set of 4. Time is running out on this so please notify me asap at either mikedemchenko@yahoo.com or through the Ice Director email on our website with any questions you have and what size of tires you run (13, 14 or 15")

Events - with Covid and the impact to the Winter Festivals we are looking at pulling back on some of the out of town races to help with the budget. We are looking at potential races at both the Winnipeg Ski Pond (Lake Shirley) and Beausejour (CPTC snowmobile track) and likely a double header race weekend at these locations to help with the budget. There is one special event race weekend that is being explored that will also hopefully also be a huge step forward (and a surprise to many if we can make it happen). More details of that will come out shortly. As well, we are strategizing how to deliver some form of an ice school in this crazy covid world we are now living in.

Next steps include finalizing all the above info hopefully within the next couple weeks so we can submit a budget to our club executives and hopefully proceed with ordering tires and acquiring permits. A draft of the event schedule will be shared soon once it is sorted out.

Please feel free to reply and leave feedback within this post or if you prefer to direct questions and feedback directly to me please do so as well.



WSCC Ice Race Director


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New Member Here.  

I'm potentially interested in casual Ice Racing, which would be the Hotlapping/Time Attack race, I guess.  I have a couple of questions:

A)  I'm assuming a WSCC membership is required to take part?

B ) Are helmets required for Time Attack/Hot Laps?

C)  Can the cars be 'Run what ya Brung'?  I.E.  Daily driver type vehicles?  I have a high mileage Civic beater daily driver that is insured for the road.  Would that be an acceptable car for this?  I'm assuming this race mode is solo vehicle, in which case the potential for damage is low, and limited to sliding off track into a snow bank?


Short of actually participating in the races, will you need any volunteers to do recoveries when cars eventually go off-track and into the snow?  I have a winter-tire equipped Tundra with recovery gear (straps, clevises, and kinetic ropes), and experience recovering vehicles in snowy conditions.

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Along with previous years I'll be available to corner marshal/pit help during the race weekends. Let me know if you need any other help with setup or planning! 

Can't wait to get back on the ice, hope to see everyone soon



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Hey all, apologies for tardy responses here...thanks David for noting the link to our current ice info document for newbies. I am looking at updating that post to provide more info for people who want to start sliding sideways with non caged streetcars. 
For now there’s some info regarding the questions asked....

On 10/29/2020 at 11:59 AM, Great_Big_abyss said:

A)  I'm assuming a WSCC membership is required to take part?

Yes, however we are looking at options for day memberships for first timers who want to first try it out without any commitments. 

On 10/29/2020 at 11:59 AM, Great_Big_abyss said:

B ) Are helmets required for Time Attack/Hot Laps?

Yes. We will also have helmets available for rent. 

On 10/29/2020 at 11:59 AM, Great_Big_abyss said:

C)  Can the cars be 'Run what ya Brung'?

Most definitely! A high mileage Honda beater will fit in perfectly. Where else can you legally have this much fun with a $500 car? 
The non-caged car racing is not door to door action and therefore the biggest thing to worry about is bouncing off a snow bank when you get it wrong trying your best Ken Block sideways drift manoeuvre coming out of the perfect Scandinavian flick that you just executed...

Regarding the offer to assist with volunteering and recovery vehicle...we both welcome and encourage it as without all the volunteers these events can’t happen! Stay tuned for more info regarding the coordination of the volunteers. 

Thanks as well Aaron. Your assistance with flagging and marshalling again is welcome and appreciated. 


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Thanks for the Response, Mike.  

These are exactly the responses I was hoping for, as it makes the barriers to entry quite low.  The first timer day membership would be great too, and if it's something I enjoy, then can invest in a license and a full membership after that.  


Either way, I am still more than happy to volunteer my time.  


I'll sub this thread and keep an eye out for updates.

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