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Another season behind us.

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Hi Volunteers!

The dust has started to settle, and I don't know about you, but I think I am finally caught up on my sleep now. 


I just want to take a moment to say how happy I am with all of you, and the work you have put in this year. We have a very unique group of people out there, and no matter what you were tasked with, you rocked it and we made it through safely. It was a very bizarre season, and we got tested with frigid temperatures, scary viruses, pouring rain that soaks you to the core, hungry woodticks, blistering hot sun, and some pretty intense winds. And then there were the cars and drivers to watch out for. I believe it is safe to say that this was the fastest year we have ever experienced out there in terms of speed, horsepower, and the resulting lap times. And the drivers and cars continue to just get faster and faster, a couple of big records were broken. It was the first season that I have ever heard Timing and Scoring actually calling out lap times on the radio, that is incredible, and we are obviously turning a new page in our own history. We have had more than our share of track incidents this year too. We have done well to stay razor sharp and focused not just for the drivers' safety, but for our own as well. It is easy to forget that when we are out there, but we need to remind ourselves that we are the "front lines" and need to continue to pay extra close attention to our surroundings. I feel that we did a pretty stellar job of staying calm on the radio calls, as well as reacting quickly and professionally to whatever was going on around us. Great job by everyone!


As I looked around at the windburned faces at the end of this past weekend, everyone was smiling and proud to be a part of the craziness, and that makes me extremely happy. You deserve to feel that way... you did awesome! 


We actually ended the year with way more volunteers than we started out with, and I hope we can carry that momentum into 2021. Now you can all sit back and relax for awhile, and we will be back on track before you know it. Thanks everyone, see you soon!


All the best,





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