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Ice Race Schedule - Event 2 - Lake Shirley - February 1-2, 2020

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Track location: Lake Shirley / Water Ski Park
365 Murdock Road, Winnipeg, MB
See the attached pdf.


Saturday Schedule:

* No lunch break today so bring a sandwich or eat before you come out.

**All track users must be WSCC members.  $60 TNT/Lapping fee paid to registration via cash or cheque with entry form, or prepay at MotorSportsReg.com. Bring a printed copy of the Event Receipt if registering online.  $10 daily memberships if you are not an annual member (payable with your Lapping entry fee at the track).


Laps only, no qualifying sessions.

10:00 Worker's meeting
10:15 Driver's meeting
- Driver’s will need to know where to stage
- Track Direction
- Track Exit
- Reminder track is hot at 10:30.  Be ready.
Lapping schedule:  
15 mins  Studded
15 mins  RTI
15 mins  Street Cars
15 mins  Studded
15 mins  RTI
15 mins  Street Cars
15 mins  Studded
15 mins  RTI
15 mins  Street Cars
115 mins  Studded
15 mins  RTI
15 mins  Street Cars
Repeat until 16:00, break mid afternoon for plowing if required.  Studded and RTI (caged) cars may combine after assessing car count, track conditions, and unanimous driver consent.

Pay attention to when the prior session begins, each will be 15 minutes, be ready for your run group.  The 5 minute horn will sound (if not frozen).

If there are no studded cars running, organizers may skip that group and rotate through other groups.

16:00 - Track is shut down for the day and we thank the Volunteers for their hard work. Sooner if there is no cars left.


Sunday Schedule:
09:30 Worker's meeting
09:45 Driver's meeting Red Trailer (make sure you are here)
10:00 Practice, Track is Hot
Studded practice 15 mins
Rubber practice 15 mins
Studded practice 15 mins
Rubber practice 15 mins
11:00 LUNCH  Lyncrest Airport
12:00pm NOON Racing: (12 mins Rubber, 10 mins Studded)  
Studded Race 1
Rubber Race 1
Studded Race 2
Rubber Race 2
Studded Race 3
Rubber Race 3
Ballet of the Plow
Studded Race 4
Rubber Race 4
Studded Race 5
Rubber Race 5
Studded Race 6
Rubber Race 6
16:00 Finish (approx) Track is closed.  We thank volunteers.

Have fun everyone!

Murdock Rd Pond.JPG

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