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Camaro 1LE School at Area 27

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Hey MarkoPoolo. Yes Richard with the black ZL1 1LE has and so did Tom with the white ZL1 1LE. They both absolutely loved it as it is a huge track with lots of elevation changes. 


Saying that, I'm not sure who you are by your user name, but if you are looking for coaching locally with your 1LE, come out to an open lapping day and find me (Gary with the red ZL1 1LE), and I would be happy to show you lines, setup, pointers etc. I won the time attack championship 2 years  ago with an SS 1LE and I won last year with my ZL1 1LE. I have literally thousands of laps behind the wheel of a 6th gen and can help you get really dialed in, if you are interested. 


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