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2019 AX Event 6 and 7 discussion

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On 7/19/2019 at 4:15 PM, helix said:

Might not get to 6 per events but maybe a mid-ground of 5 runs per event count towards the championship? Also, starting earlier by 30 mins is what I hope to do next, will first need to better inform the regulars before switching to the 30mins earlier start time and I would apply to St. Andrews events.

Based on Canadian solo standards 4 runs are what qualify for the championship. I’d expect any runs above that to be bonus fun runs built into the event.

In the Scca format you only get three runs.  It’s to put that much more weight on getting your run in your head during the course walks and learning to navigate the course. Once you do it more then a few times it just becomes a simple race course and the whole mental aspect goes by the wayside.  

Thats my two cents.  I don’t care either way as I’m more likely to get a clean run with more attempts  :pop2:


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