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Going through some old e-mail. Years ago I was asked if I was interested in making a YouTube commercial for autocross. Unfortunately nothing came to fruition and I am no longer in a position to race let alone help out, but here are my idea's if someone wants to complete this project. I will take 50% of your future earnings because this project will kick start your career.


1. Mocumentary of NOTT Autocorp's Milt Steagal's video. - 
- average physique person working out shirtless
- cars driving on the same roads as video
- line up of cars ready to autocross
 - someone opening a drivers door
- people talking while looking under the hood of a car
- someone brushing steering wheel
- someone cleaning car
- car doing a power slide
2. Meme Step1 2 ??? profit
- step 1 "own a car". Guy taking keys from bowl exiting house and entering car.
- step 2 "enjoy competition". 
- ???
- step 3 really quick half second cuts of a bunch of cars racing sliding around interior steering shots
- guy standing in front of their vehicle, wearing for and good chains, holding a trophy.
- camera zooms out to see bikini girls coming to his side and other races graveling
- fireworks from behind. Word "profit" overtop of video
3. Pylon Farmers
- two farmers leaning against an old fence talking about this years harvest season, cars zoom by in foreground
- they say they have already doubled this years yield
- pylon flys by them, farmer bends over and picks it up, looks destroyed
- tosses it into a bin with other destroyed pylons, pulls out a brand new pylon from a different bin and then hands it to a racer with helmet on
- pans out to see autocross racing
- really quick half second cuts of a bunch of cars racing sliding around interior steering shots
4. Interview - think Matthew McConaughey Linclon commercial
- guy talking about how he used to think he was a good driver and drove fast. after autocross he can't even ... no idea how to finish
5. Perfume
- group of guys around perfume kios
- wives sitting on bench, new wife enters and asks what is going on
- tell her fragrances for men
- girl is proving samples of "perfect launch", "burnt rubber", "new pylon", "new helmet smell", "new racing tire smell"
- all the men are smelling intensely with eyes closed, some have money hand and exchanging for purfume.
6. Masked female racer beating guys
- guy parks and gets out of car looks at phone to timing website
- says to the other guy that this JAMIE person keeps beating us
- what does he have?
- talking about possible upgrades
- JAMIE drives by and parks beside the guys
- gets out, takes off helmet to reveal female gender
- enter snarky remark
- maybe for autocross school promotion or hpde
7. Panda Cheese Bear -
- red light guy revs car at another car
- close up shots of interior and both guys getting ready to street race
- panda in passenger seat punches arm and waves no no no finger gesture
- slaps autocross sticker down on dash, screen promoting AX
- guy driving normally listing to music panda punches driver again, he changes it to heavy metal
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54 minutes ago, The Contrarian said:

They might as well rename that lot to Normandy. If you thought the RRX grounds have gotten bad, that lot is something else.

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