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Gimli Ice Race footage

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I received this today from Norm, a Gimli photographer. I hope the link works.    H. 

1941Teddy has shared a video with you on YouTube 
by 1941Teddy
The Gimli Ice Festival has hosted the Winnipeg Car Club and their Fire on Ice racing for eight years. If you're into watching some amazing ice racing, Gimli is the place to go during the Ice Festival.
Once the racing is completed, the friendly drivers will take interested spectators for a zip around the track. This year I was able to hook up with racing car driver TIm. Tim was gracious in allowing me to attach my cell phone to the car's inner windshield and take me for a heart thumping ride around the track. Thank you Tim! I hope that this video gives you a sense of what these drivers are experiencing, especially 'flying' around the track in a near total whiteout. 
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