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2019 Ice Race Championship Points FINAL and Thank You.

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2019 Championship Points, Final Standings

1st #55 Al Marcoux - 112
2nd #9 Lee McRae - 65
3rd #44 Dean Smith / Trevor Hudey - 42
4th #20 Jim Antosko / Greg Eastwood / Wayne Kehler - 33
5th #80 Trevor Hudey - 26
6th #52 Mathieu Léveillé - 18

1st #11 Damon Surzyshyn - 140
2nd #79 Tim Gordienko - 98
3rd #40 Morris Drysdale / Stephen Leiding - 87
4th #88 Mike Demchenko / John Armatas - 70
5th #09 Lee McRae - 50
6th #08 Manuel Fetzel / Jim Shaw - 41

Please let me know of any errors, or omissions.

Congratulations to all our winners!  A Big Thank You to all the track volunteers, drivers, support teams, and organizers for braving this year's wind-chill. It takes a huge commitment to put together a season of racing, six events and five different venues.  Big thumbs up to everyone for making this happen.  Let's make it bigger and better next year.

See you all at summer racing.

- Steve

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Despite an unfortunately low car count this season there continued to be an exceptional commitment from our group of dedicated organizers, officials and track volunteers.

Given that this was apparently the coldest winter in 40 years a huge shout out is warranted to all those that helped make this season happen. Much appreciated! 

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