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CPTC - Event #2 01/19/19

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Hi all,

Had an excellent time in Beausejour, the entire venue is top notch and the track was very fun to drive. Big thanks to the track volunteers for braving the cold again! Saturday was cut early for our car when the rear main seal failed around noon, Still beyond worth the drive out even for a half day. Sadly couldn't make it out on Sunday for race day but I still got some photos and videos from the TnT. Big thanks to Trevor for the ride along, lots of fun and it's an entirely different racing experience! 

I'll be updating my YouTube channel with any other racing footage that I can get for the year - Stay tuned!


Hope to see everyone in PLAP this weekend, Can't wait to get back on the ice!


Photo link:



Link to ride along video:



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I'll say it before Marcoux does. Two hands on the wheel. You can't keep ahead of it with one hand you just can't. 

Glad everyone was ok and we're happy to have you guys out tearing up the track. It was a beautiful venue? 


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