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Gimli RTI

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Hi there,

I see were doing the double header at Gimli again this year with the last day having 6 compressed schedule rubber races before the enduro. We had discussed moving away from this at the ice race meeting last year as it's very rushed and was only added to compensate for a missed event a few years ago and never went away. Just wondering if this is something the rubber guys want to do or not. I'd prefer not, but will go along with the whatever the majority wants.



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Running a full 6 race RTI races on the final day does make the final day hectic for all involved. I agree that it started partly to compensate for a missed event a couple years ago however I think it was also an alternative idea to running an RTI Enduro race (which most were not in favor for). Seeing the current Enduro race is specifically for studded racers is there still room for some kind of lapping event for the RTI racers? I still believe having an enduro for RTI is both painful to drive and likely watch as the ice polishes up however maybe still having 3 final RTI races on the Sunday would be an alternative instead of 6? Could also have some Streetcar or Studded lapping in between to break it up. Just a thought. As with Damon I'm okay with what the group decides.





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