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Ice Race Schedule for Jan 5th and 6th at WSP

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Let's go racing!!!!!!! Hey kids, time to wear off the turkey and stuffing 

Saturday Schedule

 Dual exercises: a) Ice Race School and b) Ice Race lapping/Test n Tune

 8:30am - Arrive and check in / Waiver
9:00am - Drivers meeting at Red Trailer

9:30-10:50 - Exercises start at  (Figure 8 & Slalom)

10:15 - Coffee and Class at Red trailer

11:00am  - Lunch @ Airport at Exam

12:00-1:30pm - Exercises at  (Scandinavian Flick)

1:30pm - Coffee and Class Red Trailer

2:00-4:00pm - Track time  (Scandinavian Flick Advanced)

4:05pm - Drivers Meeting at Red Trailer

* Students have absolute priority. (No waiting)


Sunday Schedule:


9:30 - worker meeting

9:45 - driver meeting Red Trailer (make sure you are here)

10:00 Practice and Track is Hot

Studded practice 15 mins
Rubber practice 15 mins
Studded practice 15 mins
Rubber practice 15 mins

11:00 LUNCH 

12:00pm NOON (12 mins Rubber, 8 to 10 mins Studded) 

Studded Race 1

Rubber Race 1

Studded Race 2

Rubber Race 2

Studded Race 3

Rubber Race 3

Studded Race 4

Rubber Race 4

Studded Race 5

Rubber Race 5

Studded Race 6

Rubber Race 6

4:00pm finish around here, could go longer if there is an issue.


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