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On 2/8/2019 at 12:56 PM, mcorrie said:

This is my point exactly. I'm not trying to create negative dialogue, but flush out the potential concerns prior to hitting the track. As its written, the deliberate ambiguity that policy makers live by is rearing its ugly head. We can be forced to run both systems, as its written - and i don't think anybody wants that, present company included. Adopting an existing system that caters to the needs of a growing sport just might be the way to proceed. 

The issue is catering rules that are specific to the wscc. We have to look at out current group and find a way to evenly split the group up. 


I read thru pretty much every time attack rulebook around the globe and took what seemed like the fairest rules and tweaked them to evenly split our time attack group into 3 classes that are all easily obtainable. 





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Perhaps a worthwhile exercise would be to apply the proposed rules to last year’s events and see exactly how things would have changed.  Then you will see if this was an improvement. You may need to make some guesses on car mods but a rough in can help. 

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