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OTA Rule changes

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the OTA has made a few rules changes for 2019. see below:

the CCC and OTAO have not finalized all the rule changes for next year but here is a precis of most of them;


1) The definition of zero PIP street tires has been changed to those tires with a UTQG rating of 180 or more, up from last year's 140. There will be exceptions to this rule including allowing Toyo RA-1, R888, and R888R tires as well as Nitto NT-01 tires in to the zero PIP street category. Additionally the Yokohama A052 will be classified as a non premium R compound tire at 5 PIPs despite it have a 200 UTQG rating. There may be other tires added to the list.

2) Minor strut modifications may be allowed to accommodate larger wheel/tire combinations.

3) Water injection and methanol injection to forced induction cars will be split into different PIPs

4) All cars using 95 or higher octane rated fuel or octane boosters will be required to claim the appropriate ECU pips for NA and forced induction engines. 

Scoring and Timing

1)There will be changes to PAX factors for Open Mod and Mod 1 to accommodate the unlimited nature of these classes

2) We fully intend to introduce transponders to timing for next year and hope to have them available for rent or purchase.

3) We plan to post all PIP schedules on line 2 days ahead of a competition event available on a secure website

Car Classification

The 2015-2017 Mustang GT with performance package will have an increased handling index by 5

The 2017 and up Honda Civic Type R will have an increased handling index by 5 and base horsepower has been corrected to 338 crank HP 

Cars with high functioning automatic transmissions will have new classifications up by handling index of 5 over the manual transmission versions of the same car. This is similar to what has been done in the past with cars with dual clutch or similar transmissions.

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We are in the works of changing our classes more towards global time attack classes. There are to many flaws with the pip program to promote equal and fair classing. Hope to have the first revision up in January.

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