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2019 Classing Changes

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Hey everyone, I'm not sure if I'm just out of the loop, or if the folks in charge have just failed to mention this, but I recently learned that the classing system is once again changing in a fairly drastic way. I asked a question regarding points and classing and received this in return:

"The PT classes are going away for 2019, and everything will run under the ST classes, as per NASA changes. Final Drive ratio is free under the ST rules. Everything is based on power to weight and allowed modifications. 

2019 Regulations should be up in early January."

When I asked where it was announced I received this:

"Was discussed by Gary Roberts, Racing Director, at the WCMA AGM in October in Leduc. New class regulations should be announced on the WCMA Forum in January, so watch for them there.
To see what changes NASA is planning for this coming year, you can have a look on their website, https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/15717/ST5-6_Rules__2019--v2.3--11-14-18.pdf"
Just wanted to make sure everyone sees it. I know the lack of notice is a bit of an annoyance for me
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I read the ST6 rules and here is my summary:

- I expect that all the civics and CRXs in PTE and PTF last year will fit into ST6. The spec miatas and Randy's Integra could probably fit in there. Hopefully Yogi too, and maybe others. So it sounds like a big class for GMP!

- The ST6 rules are a little different than PT rules. ST6 is all based on a power to weight ratio. And the power to weight ratio for your car is adjusted a bit if you have done certain modifications, or depending on the design and final weight of your car. ST6 is less restrictive about how you modify your car. This will be good news for some competitors.

- Power is determined using a chassis dyno. There's a process for it in the rules. I have never had my car on a dyno, so I looked at a few dyno charts online to guess that PTE+PTF civics/CRXs would now be in ST6.

- ST6 tires: You are limited to tires that are 100 treadwear, or even stickier if you take a penalty on your power to weight ratio. Certain very sticky tires are not allowed (not that anyone used them anyway). For vehicles under 2400 pounds you need to use 205 or narrower tires. There is a process to actually measure the tires instead of relying on what the tire sidewall says.

- It was actually NASA, not WCMA, that discontinued PT classes. WCMA just follows NASA. I was surprised too, so thanks Jared for bringing this to everyone's attention! Speaking for myself, the change to ST6 does not motivate me to make many changes to my car for 2019.

- You need to read the rules for yourself. Jared posted the link to the NASA rules. I assume that WCMA will adopt NASA's rules as is, but that's up to WCMA to confirm.

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I agree with you  on all points there Don. Personally I'm a big fan of how loose fitting it is, and stepping away from the fairly convoluted point system is fantastic. Not to mention how the lack of base classing and base weight drastically simplifies things. My only real concern is a geographical one, as I'm certain that there is not a Dynojet Dynamometer  in Saskatchewan. 

Regarding the tire size bit you can actually print off the NASA section width tool from their website which is a nice feature as well.

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I thought the same thing Don, here we go again.

After reading it a couple times, it just comes down to hp and weight.

However, we will all have to get our cars dyno'd probably every year. Otherwise you leave yourself open to protest.

Who will police this ?

Base on my cars weight right now 2287lbs and roughly 120hp, I am ok.  You guys will have to add weight, I am pretty sure you were all lighter than me.

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