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North American Time Attack council

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a new Time Attack Council has been formed. not exactly a big announcement, but news is slow this time of year...

"The goal, according to the group, is to “represent the interests of all drivers, from beginner to professional competitor, in order to ensure access, inclusivity, consistency and a high quality driver experience.”



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i am as well. I'm wondering if there is going to be some kind of class standardization or something? Time Attack is growing at an exciting rate, and with growth comes growing pains. As we have seen locally, the classing - while meticulous in most cases is also flawed, tires and fuel come to mind. Looking at other T/A organizations rules in my spare time, there is quite a bit of difference compared to how we do ours using the OTA as a model.

Most places don't go anywhere near that level of detail and say "all entrants must use Nankang (or whatever) spec tire" "RWD + 1300kg = 265 width tire" or "AWD + 1200kg = 245 tire".

Some just say "3 classes, Club, Pro, Super Pro" and give you bodywork limitations and a maximum envelope in which your aero devices must fit within measured back to the car body silhouette.

 So with the level of growth we are seeing, this new governing body for North America (read: probably just America) should be a sort of acid test for the sport.


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