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October 13 Autoslalom at Gimli

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Looking forward to tomorrow, but also a little concerned about the weather forecast, especially for the marshals/volunteers freezing in the 50-70km/hr wind/rain! Well, if you believe the forecast. Maybe its just because I am getting older, or maybe because I am not sure if I will need to run winter tires or not... :canada:

But, yes, also because over the years time has shown its one thing for experienced drivers, handling familiar cars, in adverse conditions and another to have a training or school event which could include inexperienced drivers, who may not know their car, in adverse conditions. The risks are understood by all ahead of time, but hind sight is where many questions could get asked about the recipe that lead to an unfortunate situation. 

I know I could be being "that" guy, so I apologize if I am, but yes, looking forward to it... cautiously... :) 


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Hey Steve


I'm just setting up at the track so I will be brief. The 70km wind forecast has been lifted and there is little to no wind here currently. Temperature is mild with a light drizzle. We will take all precautions to protect our marshals.

We all understand the risks and we intend to cover these in our drivers meeting today. As marshals we monitor all drivers and address potential unsafe behaviour. After all we also offer these type of events at -30 on ice.


See you later today!

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