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Car storage - winter/summer

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Hi all,

Anyone out there with a recommenation for summer car storage?

I have a summer car and a winter beater, like a lot of guys here. Obviously I pay to have the nice car parked in storage all winter. What does everyone do with their winter car when they bring their summer car out? I've never really heard anyone talk about parking/storing their winter car... I'm guessing most people keep driving it all year as a daily or as a backup. That's what I did last year. Now I'm wanting to park the winter beater for 6 months and reduce my insurance to layup coverage (must be on private property to do so) in order to save money and free up some space on my driveway.

Looking for something near the city (a short drive is fine), preferrably not just in an empty field where rodents will make homes, and for a reasonable cost. Hopefully less than I'm paying in winter.

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"must be on private property to do so"

Back when I had both inside and outside storage all customers either had full coverage or storage insurance. Never once did anyone mention MPIC required the unit to be parked on private property. I currently have 3 vehicles with storage insurance and MPIC never mentioned anything about private property for storage. Things do change tho, could be something new.

Yes I have outdoor storage available. Restricted traffic fenced compound.

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Mike - location doesn't matter to me. I'd prefer somewhere in the city, but if it's a good price I'd drive out of town.

Thanks Jim. I'll have a chat with you later. I wasn't sure if you still had room in your compound after the changes.

Regarding private property - commercial property is still private. What MPI means by "private property" is that you can't just park your car on the street. It's on their FAQ here: https://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/Reg-and-Ins/Insurance/Optional-Autopac/pages/lay_up.aspx

Thanks for the offer as well, Sledontar.

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