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2018 Permanent Number List

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4 minutes ago, David Klassen said:

I suggest that there should be only one place to select numbers. There are three

  1. here, this forum topic
  2. On the hot lapping forum: 
  3. On the registration system

On Track Day #1 there’s going to people registered for one day, possibly participating in both hot lapping and auto slalom

Hi David,

Yes, there is some confusion regarding permanent numbers.  As of this afternoon there was a thread for Open Lapping reserved numbers and a separate thread for Autoslalom permanent numbers. Both threads have similar titles and may have confused some people. And, if that wasn't enough, the 2018 thread was resurrected this evening around the same time a new "2019 Autoslalom Permanent Number List" was being developed.

I'm presently working with Jim (webmaster) to clean this up.

Thanks for your patience. This will all be forgotten once you get behind the wheel of your 350Z at HPDE. 

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