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2018 Registration & Volunteer Jobs

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Last year I made a plea to all racers to register early. This is so important for many reasons. Most noteworthy having a grid registered well in advance of the event for out of town racers. Imagine thinking of travelling 15 hours with only two cars registered for the event you plan on attending. With more racers registered we are validating their road trips. 

Early registration $320

Late Registration $350

Early registration closes two weeks prior to the event.

I want us all to look at registration being $320. If you’re paying $350 you’re paying a penalty. 



With the changes in T/A and the continued increase in participation WSCC is faced with the need to purchase more transponders. The rental fee this year for road race will be $50 per event. It’s time for the full time racers to start looking at the MyLaps leasing program. This will take some of the burden off the club. The program will be cheaper than renting for a full season.


Volunteer Jobs:

When registering for T/A or RR you will notice a new drop down menu to assign yourself a volunteer job. I’ve seen too many drivers meetings where the same people are raising their hands when the jobs list is being discussed. I’ve also noticed a select few who have NEVER raised their hands. This will be another way to encourage racers to register early. The earlier you register will give you an opportunity to pick your preferred job. All too often these jobs are being spread between too few people. It will also encourage some racers who don’t pull their weight. These assignments are for anyone who calls GMP home. If you’re racing as a team EACH driver will need to assign themselves a job. Racers from Castrol etc. Do not apply. They are our guests. Friday workers are also exempt from this. Please remember that your pit garbage and recycling is your responsibility.



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