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I bought these last year and finally got to (ok, had to!) use them this morning. https://www.tracgrabber.com 

This is not a paid review. 

Result? Not bad. They don't add 100% more traction, but in the medium-density snow they got my FWD car moving again. They probably added 30% more traction. Enough for me to get out of trouble on flat ground with lots of rocking back and forth. 

As a negative; they sound and feel HORRIBLE. The first time I tried moving I got two loud bangs that had me out to check what was going on. Every time they hit the ground/snow they put an almighty shudder through the car. You really need to turn off your mechanical empathy when using these. 

They're nice to have in your trunk to help. 

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Is the bad sound and vibration from heavy impact because you're spinning the wheel quickly and then slowing down quickly and violently when the rubber block impacts the ground? Would being really gentle on the throttle help, or it doesn't matter because the rest of the wheel is slipping so easily? I guess in the big picture you aren't really supposed to drive on these things, just get yourself unstuck and then take them off as soon as possible. 

I could have used these this morning. Almost got stuck on my street and had to take the wife's car to work. I miss my Subaru. :( 

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Interesting thing. Though looking at the thickness of the strap, these look like they could only be used on actual spoked alloy-type wheels, and not on steelies. Steelies don't generally have gaps big enough to pass that big strap through.

They seem handy in a pinch though, that's for sure.

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Yeah, being easy on the throttle just changes the frequency of the banging. Maybe the dense snow today amplified the effect. :shrug: Either way, they're staying in my trunk! 

I doubt you could get them on steel wheels. :/ Even then, the strap might get cut as they slip on the tire pretty heavily. 

It was neat seeing the volume of snow being flung forward when rocking backwards. I dug some pretty serious trenches by the time I was out. 

You really need to get in the wheel well to install them though, plan for a dirty jacket. 

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I feel it’d be more effective if it had some metal to bite into ice (like a pattern of studs) 

Corey - the bang you heard was not it hitting the fender or mud flap right? I’d be concerned with the strap hitting the caliper on vehicles with large brakes and minimal clearance to rim    

Beau - best decision I made was to put studded winters on the bmw.  Even with the open diff I never had an issue, and your IS has a lsd which would only make it better. 


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