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Gimli Ice Fest - Saturday Race Schedule

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Saturday is final points race day for Studded.


Schedule is a normal race day with practice starting at 10am sharp for Studded first then RTI. Workers lunch 11am at Lakeview Resort.


9:30 am - worker meeting – Lunch at Lakeview for workers

9:45 am - drivers meeting -

Don’t wait to be called, make sure you are here at this time. Studded drivers should have cars running and ready as you are the track right after meeting

10:00 am – Track hot at 10am Sharp!

Studded practice 15 mins
Rubber practice 15 mins
Studded practice 15 mins
Rubber practice 15 mins

11:00 am  LUNCH – Workers lunch is good to go at Lakeview in Lounge

** Track is closed
** Plow on track 


Studded Race 1
Rubber Race 1
Studded Race 2
Rubber Race 2

** 15 Minute Ballet of the Plow 

Studded Race 3
Rubber Race 3
Studded Race 4
Rubber Race 4


** 15 Minute Ballet of the Plow

Studded Race 5
Rubber Race 5
Studded Race 6
Rubber Race 6

4:30(ish) Finish

4:30(ish) to 6pm – Track is open to race cars and anyone who has participated in Ice Lapping and has paid a daily or annual membership. Ride alongs are permitted following our normal rules. Race drivers please step up to assist with marshalling and grid etc.

****For all RTI Drivers ****; No practice Sunday morning; if you need practice then do it now.

6pm – Track Closed 


** @grail Note to T&S; may we please have the points figured out by this evening for the starting order for RTI for Sunday morning please Thank you!


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