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Gimli Ice Fest - Sunday Race Schedule

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Sunday is Final Race Day for RTI plus Studded Enduro plus Ride-a-longs / Ice Lapping (Mandatory).

* Schedule is tight so be prepared. RTI cars should be ready to go for 10am sharp; make sure your tin cans are already warmed up, suited up, tuned up, oiled up, belted up, fueled up, pressured up, tired up, axel’d up and wrenched up. You should only need to grab your helmet and go racing on time. No practice so race starts immediately.* Thank you @chkdsk for your eloquence 

9:30 workers meeting. Track is hot at 10am and RTI racing action starts. If you need more time to get track hot then schedule Worker Meeting earlier than 9:30am.

9:45 SHARP! Driver meeting for RTI drivers only. Don’t wait to be called. To organisers: only need to speak to RTI guys and get them ready to go. FYI; there will be a different meeting later for Studded Enduro.  

10:00am - 11:00am RTI Races and no practice. 12 minute races with 5 minutes in between checker and release of grid. For the RTI Drivers; have your crew ready for adjustments. 

RTI Race #1
RTI Race #2
RTI Race #3

11am -12:10pm Lunch Break

12:10pm to 1:10ish

RTI Race #4
RTI Race #5
RTI Race #6

** For T&S – We’ll need a weekend total of 1st, 2nd, 3rd for RTI races for Michael Lazer, Lakeview Resort Trophies please. @grail

1:15 pm to 1:25 pm Driver's meeting for Studded Enduro Race; 
Whoever wants to participate in the Studded Enduro needs to be at this meeting. Meeting will be run by Jen B and Bob W. 

Quick meeting discussing:

- You must attend and give Mat your number as the starting grid is a random draw. Late takers will be at the back of the pack.  
- 15 min break for RTI guys to bolt on studded tires and check oil, fuel, etc.
- Make sure your car numbers are clear as we need to record your standing manually during a long period of time. No number = no standings.


Some points for the race and driver’s meeting and you may as well have the info now:

* The entire session shall be 30 minutes
* Split it to 2 x 15 minute sessions with a 10 minute break in between sessions
* You can change drivers during the break with another properly licensed racer
* Time does not stop during Red Flags
* Race will not stop for you if you stuff it in a safe place
* Race “will” stop for you if you stuff it in a dangerous spot but “time” won’t. If your car is stuffed in a dangerous spot and towed out you will be asked to go to the pits and park it for that session, you may come out for 2nd session. 
* Pay extra attention to the flag station workers and pay attention to your mirrors. It’s not about being fast, it’s about being consistent.
* The initial start will be dual lanes, if there is a restart then it will be single file and all other starts will be single file
* If there is a red-flag AND the field is stopped mid-field then back-markers will be sent around the track (slowly) and put at the back of the field prior to re-start. Their drive-around lap shall count as crossing S/F even if that puts them back on the lead lap. ** Ask Steve/Mat questions on this if you aren’t sure what I mean.
* Remember that black flag means to pull in to the pits in to the Staging lane and Red Flag means you stop racing and pull off the race line and stop safely on the track and wait for someone to come get you.


1:40pm: 10 minute Studded Practice then you pull back in to Staging grid for line-up. If you have an issue with your car then make sure you crew helps you out quick as there is only 5 mins gap. If you’re late then you lose your spot in the grid and you’re at the back.

1:55pm: Fire on Ice Studded Enduro 30 minute Shoot Out

* Staging will have the random starting order by now. Go where you are told and get ready to start.

2:40pm (ish)  - Checker Flag

3:00pmMandatory Drivers meeting for all drivers for VIP Ride-Along and Workers Appreciation:

 *** Hamish and Scott; Can you make sure VIP’s are here during this time plus Mike Lazer already knows 3pm for his trophies but can probably use a reminder. For this year we'll get Steve or Mat running the staging area for ride-alongs.


1)      All workers come in and leave their stations and congregate at the plow truck for the workers schwag auction.

2)      This is mandatory for all drivers; if your car is broken then you will go out to a corner and work during this session so dress warm. If there is already workers for corners then to go to Grid and help with tee’ing people up with helmets and drivers and lining up 1 + 1 so it runs smooth. On the grid you will need to help passengers with the seat belt as they are not used to harnesses. 

3)      We need to make sure EMS get a ride plus all the workers.

4)      For Driver’s: Same as last year: Line up in the two grid lanes with RTI in the left and Studs in the Right. Do your three or four hot laps at 80% with your rider then pull back in to the grid line waiting for the next rider. Remember to remind your passenger to fold their arms and not grab on to the roll cage. 

5)      Please bring extra helmets with your name on it and put at Grid truck so others can use them.

6)      Michael Lazer should be here right now for Trophies prior to ride-along. FYI trophies will be: RTI it will be top points for the Gimli weekend, for Studded it will be the top three of the Studded Enduro.

7)      Once Michael is done his trophy’s then the ride-along starts right away. Get your cars in line or get out to the corners.  

8) Remember this is ride-alongs and not racing. Pay attention to your mirrors, stay away from Pit Entrance or Pit Exit, use hand motions if coming in the pits, you don't need to drive at 100%. 

That’s it for instructions and I’d like to that all the volunteers that make this happen plus congratulations to everyone for another season of Ice Racing in Manitoba.

 4pm: Done 2018! Thank you again to our amazing volunteers, officials and our Director Mr. Jordan Sharples. Can’t wait to have #13 back in the mix!

Edited by Mat
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2 hours ago, Mat said:

You must attend and give Cara your number as the starting grid is a random draw. Late takers will be at the back of the pack.  

Please tell Grid that you are participating, and give them your number

When should worker shwag draws be done?


Looks good, see you all out there!


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8 minutes ago, wolfgirl said:

Please tell Grid that you are participating, and give them your number

When should worker shwag draws be done?


Looks good, see you all out there!


See edit above


Give your numbers to Mat

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