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Great slalom article

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Thanks for the great article Corey!  Don't know how you find all this stuff, but keep it coming.  This article is brief but does a great job of explaining the reasons behind backsiding cones and the relationship with the center of the turning circle.

Also a good explanation is given when it's not necessary to backside every cone. Now I finally understand what Rob was saying during the rookie course walks when he pointed to a 5-cone slalom and said ... "you can ignore the last two cones".  At which point I said to myself ... "Say what??. That's crazy talk!"

I was thinking it might not be a bad idea if we gathered some of these articles, including Corey's Laws, and store them in a resources folder that would be accessible to all club members.  Not every new member is able to attend our schools and this would give them  some insight into the techniques required to be competent at Autoslalom.

I suppose we could also extract pertinent information from sources such as "Secrets of Solo Racing" by Henry Watts and  put together some of the key points in a Word document. Not sure if anyone else out there has access to Autocross tips or techniques that we could use.

Do you think this would be a worthwhile venture? 


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