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New Radio Programming

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Due to the past financial generosity of several members of WSCC,  and the ongoing funding through the club itself (including the Annual radio license renewals, and ongoing cost such as minor repairs), over the past 6 years we have created a very nice radio system that has continued to serve the needs of the various race disciplines that make use of the radio system.

Due to a recent need to create separate channels for use by the paramedics who support our summer and winter events, this past weekend we have undertaken a major re-organization of the channels on the club owned radios.

These changes fall within the provisions of the radio licenses issued to the WSCC by Industry Canada - Spectrum Management, the federal government authority for managing the radio spectrum and issuing and enforcement of radio licenses in Canada.

Club owned radios:
For track workers and stewards using club owned radios at events, no change is evident other than the now "preferred" channel for general use would be channel 01.

The new channel layout accommodates the different aspects of communications required at race events, maintains common channels for routine usage, but then provides separate, private channels for stewards and medical related discussions should those be required for various race situations.

Radio numbers in the "01" through to "20's" series are for assignment to track workers and contain Track Radio Channels 01-09.

Radios numbers in the "40" series are issued to Steward assignnments at an event and have Track Radio Channels 01-09 plus additional "steward only" radio channels 10-12 (encrypted).

Radios in the "50" series will be issued to paramedic staff covering the event.  These have Track Radio Channels 01-09 plus medical only channels 14-16.

Privately owned radios
Several WSCC volunteers had opted to purchase their own radios using similar equipment to the club equipment and then obtaining Industry Canada radio licenses for the same radio frequencies as the club radios.

For the several volunteers who have purchased radios, you will need to make arrangements with Hamish - who will be at the track both Saturday and Sunday - to re-program your radio so it will be compatible with the revised programming
of the WSCC owned equipment.

Please bring your 2017/2018 Industry Canada radio license - or - a copy of your receipt for payment for the 2017/2018 radio license with you if you use the on-line account.

If you have neither available, the radio will be programmed to "receive only" on the WSCC channels - thus maintaining the legal status of the club's use of the radio frequencies.

If you have either proof of licensing, the radio will be programmed to receive and transmit on the revised WSCC channels.

The programming task should take less than 5 minutes for each radio.
The Radio Tech Team: Andy Fenstad, Don Gerrard, Hamish Donaldson
Edited by hamish
spelling and grammar corrections

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We appreciate the use of dedicated and "closed" channels for medical personnel in need of communications for the privacy of any persons needing medical aid and to remain within current privacy regulations. Thanks for keeping on top of this Hamish.

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