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Volunteers Needed for 2018 HPDE

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Hi Everyone,

As usual, we are looking for instructors and track workers for the 2018 HPDE.
If you wish to help out, please make your way to the volunteer registration page.
We need at a minimum: 22 instructors, 16 track workers.

So, we will be using the MSR page as record on who is coming to help out. The assumption is that if you are not on the MSR list, you aren't coming.


There will be a meeting for all volunteers April 11, 2018 at Aaltos 826 Regent Ave. to discuss the 2018 changes and make any tweaks as necessary with the current program.
Agenda to follow.


Notes for instructors:

  • When registering as an instructor, please ensure you provide your shirt size.
  • We hope that with 22 instructors, that every instructor will have 2 students with a 25min break in between.
  • All instructors: please apply for your instructor license on WCMA's official license page on MSR.
  • If you are looking to instruct and have not done so in the past, please contact hpde@wscc.mb.ca to find out more info.


If anyone has questions or comments, please don't hesitate to pass them on. We need your comments from last year to steer the 2018 HPDE in a better direction!
You can either post your comments here, or email them to HPDE.


Thank you!
The HPDE Team

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Let’s take this opportunity to train the next generation of volunteers with open arms.

The road race crew is looking forward to 2018. A new outlook on how important our volunteers are and how to compensate the massive commitment they make coming out to Gimli and dealing with the various extreme conditions they endure.


Scott & Mat

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I am very interested in volunteering for this next year. I was wondering what it would take for me to become an instructor, I had a great time with Pete last year, even though I was a bit protective at first. So I'll check out the links!



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Just a reminder for folks that we need workers and instructors for this year's school.
If you know of someone who wants to come and help but haven't signed up yet or doesn't know where to, please pass the link along and have them register!

Instructors: we will most surely sell out and we still need a few more instructors to fill the quota. We also need instructors to sign up prior to end of March so we can order shirts!!

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Doing a bit of spring cleaning here and came across some assorted size 3 ring binders. Will bring them to race school if the club has any use for them.

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