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Jim Eh.


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I see by your "almighty links" list that WCMA still does not have a separate Time Attack license. So the question in this post : 


There is a post from Darin in the quote above that does not show up about a little debate whether an ICE license will be good for TA but no definitive answer.

I just pay for an  ICE license and hope for the best? Unless of course you got a ruling from WCMA about it. But wait ... it hasn't been 4 years yet has it?

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I should comment that the IR license vs TA license debate is whether or not you need both to participate in each discipline and is not about a workaround for taking an HPDE to be eligible to partake in Time Attack.

IOW, if allowed by WCMA, you’ll still need a current HPDE certificate to be eligible to compete in Time Attack if you hold a current Ice Race license.

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