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Black Rockets Anyone?

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Hello guys and girls. Dyrk is looking at doing a BR order does anyone need some? I'm told that Mat let him know of some, anyone else? I need to give him an idea of qty's. 

Can you PM asap me if you need some Studded Tires?  I'll need to give a deadline on this by Wednesday afternoon so I can get back to Dyrk. 


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Hello boys and girls, I have some bad new about BlackRockets. I already heard this rumour 4 months ago from the Ontario boys and now it is confirmed. From Dyrk: 


The Black Rocket tire supplier state that they have no WT12 studs in stock. The manufacturer of these studs will not be able to supply any studs this year. 


What does this mean? No studded tires this season.

On the good side is that only three drivers had a tire order in so it is not affecting the entire field, the bad news is no tires.

I did put an order in for myself last year and I bought extras and of course did not use them much. I will dig up what I have and touch base with the three to see if they need them. 

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      FYI there is a supplier in Colorado that has thousands of these studs that are in shortage right now. He also has the BR41 tires we run. Lee and I have an order in right now for some. He will stud them at his location and can pretty much supply as many tires as we want until he runs out of studs.

      His name is Brian and his company is called Rocky Mountain Autosports. He is unable to ship across the border so we are just getting shipped to the border parcel depot and getting them from there.

  Brian. Ph# 970-282-3446







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