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Event #13, Aug 26

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Corey    73

Another fun day on the track!  A small group meant we were done in record time even with fun runs.  Random observations:

Jim's car looks and sounds awesome, but too loud.  Know someone that can get a muffler?  ;) I'm eager to see this develop with some more time.  

Curtis was flying out there - totally earned that PAX win, but Tim was right there too.  

Graham was looking really smooth.  

Here's my 4th run:


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DKemp    2

Here was my best run

Even with that big screwup on the way back through the 'Wallom' as Rob called it.  

Fun track today.  Watching Tim rip the course on his last run was really something to see.  The way the front end on that corvette bites in and moves is ridiculous!

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justkickin    29

Kudos to Shawn, that was one of the most fun courses I can remember. It flowed well and made you think and was fun to drive. 

Great drive by Curtis for the PAX win! Good job pal!

Thanks guys, the car really is a lot different, it reacts so much more directly. The lethargy it used to have in transitions just isn't there any more. 

Here is my fastest run:


I hope he doesn't mind me posting it (I didn't ask first), here is Chris's fastest run as well. You need more aggression Chris. 


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Magner    69

Nice driving Dale, you can hustling that Forester around pretty good, neat video view.


Nicely done on 2nd overall Tim, car looks sharp. Wish I could have made it. Would love to hear Chris D's impressions of the Vette now as opposed to what it was like 5? years ago.

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