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Gimli 2017 (Event #12)

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I am the one in the Genesis. The right strut got significantly worse both in the steering rattling on the data trace and listening to the videos between runs. The left strut also seems a bit iffy now while it was solid before so I'm hoping to replace them both this weekend. 



Brian: if you are looking for something a bit cheaper my video is taken with one of these set to only 720p to reduce file size: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00OAUDF6M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_5mBNzbBZRSXS0


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@Brian Wiebe I use a Hero3 in the car for HD and an Android phone with Harry's Lap Timer for the overlays. The latter are neat to look at, but due to the mount I use kind of shaky to watch. 


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On 2017-08-22 at 6:54 PM, Magner said:

Nice observation, yes we do.. we are on a relatively narrow tire at 265 in the rear (stock is 295, some go as high as 335 in AS) but I think another thing you aren't seeing is my throttle trace, I could be heck of a lot smoother on my applications, I still drive like I'm in 100whp neon sometimes, that doesn't work with this beast (most of the time)

I told you to fix that a few events ago. I thought we were done with you not modulating the throttle. Just modulate and let's move on to the next hurdle :P


22 hours ago, 0206 said:

Definitely a fun course, I do agree with Nish on the tarmac quality though. I unfortunately blew a front strut during the course of the event. Those large gaps in the concrete were quite hard on the loaded outside suspension. 

#koni #bilstein #lifetimewarranty  

22 hours ago, nishanna said:

The R8's magnetic shocks automatically stiffen when driving aggressively and this caused the bumps to be especially noticeable. Note the bump here causing the oversteer

I hope one day we'll get a good venue again, but until then I am going to have to say that our available surfaces just aren't good enough, at least for me.

That may have been my issue at St. Andrews with the R8. 

Solution, Just run the Alero... I bet you can't get that to oversteer. ;) 

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On 2017-08-21 at 7:38 PM, Corey said:

I'm uploading my 3rd and 4th runs, as they were just 0.002 seconds apart but felt totally different.  Weird. 

Watching the videos; my shift to 1st in the middle of the course was pointless, but the car bogged badly on the 1st run.  Clearly I carried more speed in later runs and didn't adjust.  Who can tear these apart further and tell me how to get faster for SCCA Nationals?  Joe?  Just 2 weeks until Mark and I are in Lincoln!  

3rd run:


4th run:


This may be all wrong so please take with a grain of salt. I watched each video 3 times. 

The third run you were more aggressive but you weren't looking "through the elements" for the smoothest line and you ended up driving a bit more Point to point based on line and steering inputs. Looking ahead further would have benefitted you here. I think I hear throttle lifts in small sections where you possibly could have either held throttle or tried accelerating.

The fourth run is the opposite. You drove the line and were smoother looking further. Tight to the cones and to the line but you were not aggressive enough with the throttle and your average speed was at 8.5-9/10.  Had you been more liberal on throttle and speed through elements you may have fallen off line or behind and not been looking as far again so it's a tough balance.  

The banana is a buzz box and everything's a blur. :) 

Think to yourself, were you looking at your exit cones/point in the sweepers as you entered it and already looking to the next set. Keeping the speed up out of the sweepers and setting up early into the slaloms easily could net a few 10's  

But what do I know....  I have only done two events this year :P 




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That's awesome, thanks Joe! 

I don't know how you get all that from watching two shaky videos. Impressive! 

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