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1973 Ice Race film clip tagged on my Facebook page

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I finally processed a film clip that my father took back in 1973 of an Ice Race on the Red River south of Winnipeg. Near St. Adolphe or St. Agathe, not sure which.

Impressive crowd on hand to watch that event. I remember seeing in the Tribune in the Sports section under Events a small three or four line description of this event. Since I was 15 and no license, I did alot of arm pulling and convinced my Dad to take me after church on sunday to the event. I remember all the cars parked near a bridge and we walked a far distance.

I like the Can Am type wings on three of the cars back then.

Impressive crowd watching!

Hopefully a member or two will recognize a car.

Unfortunately it is too large to download on this forum.

If there is a way to post on the club's Facebook page let me know.



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