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Don P

GM Vortec 4200

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Don P    13

I bought a used GMC Envoy recently. Was reading up on some net info on these vehicles and came across a reference to this pdf file from GM. Seems to have been written for non-gearheads to understand. Probably was for the Corporate Execs or something. Seems too detailed for a media release, etc.

Quite impressive considering that GM only thinks of it as a truck engine. Here's brief rundown on it.

An inline 6 with an aluminum head, block, and oil pan. 4 valve head with twin cams c/w variable valve timing. 10:1 compression ratio

Hyper-eutectic pistons with full floating pins, forged steel rods, nodular iron crank

Vane-style crank-driven oil pump. Gerotor style water pump.

Drive by wire throttle. PCM controls everything. (like sports cars and fighter jets)

I've read this twice already, and I'm really glad I own one now. lol

File included, if you want to read the long version....



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MRS Joe    71

They take to mild boosting well on stock internals. Ours in our fleet trucks have been some the most reliable besides a few oil leaks. 

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