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      Annual General Meeting   10/30/2017

      The Winnipeg Sports Car Club invites you to attend the 2017 Annual General Meeting and election of Directors and Officers. 
      Thursday, November 23, 2017     Canad Inns “Boardroom”, 826 Regent Avenue @ Plessis (not the casino).   (more...)
      The Boardroom is down the hall by Tavern United (not the Annex room that is off the Aaltos restaurant). 

      We have the Boardroom beginning at 6:00pm. Come and join us for dinner. Take food from the Aaltos buffet back to the Boardroom where a server will take drinks orders. The club will pay half the cost of your meal.
      The annual general meeting will start at 7:00pm.    

      Please plan on attending to ensure we have a quorum to conduct the annual club business and elect next years executive.

      Thank you,
      WSCC Executive
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Event #7

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Here's my fastest run, FTD and my best finish in PAX since I got the car.  New Hoosiers are good!


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Here is my fastest clean run. Again, I coned away PAX FTD. I have to stop doing that. Was a great street class battle with less than 0.5s separating first from fifth. Was anybody's to win. Congrats to Beau for taking it this time. I predict it is going to be a fun year in street class. 

Liked this course. It flowed well and although Chris and I used different lines we finished with 2/10ths of each other.




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Congrats @Beau on the Street win but we all know it's only because the supernatural Red AP1 S2000 curse is still haunting the club's timing equipment. ;)


Tim and I decided not to ride along on each others runs (since we won't be able to for the regional events). Interesting since we had similar times (Tim ahead under 0.2) but we drove the course differently as per these video examples below. (would have make good side by side video if I knew how to edit). Interesting to see our driving style and line varied like these:

My 4th:


Tim's 4th:



Thanks Tim this was an awesome weekend!!! The car is fantastic, New tires are fantastic, (Tire notes in the Tires Bought in Canada thread).

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Loved the course. It was fun and flowed well.

Had a blast in the new car. Felt like an old familiar friend, but not as knife-edged as the last red one I raced. That's a combination of street-class suspension and newer tech tires, which are really quite awesome (RE-71R). I like these tires a lot more than the Star Specs. Pretty sure I ran every generation of the Star Specs and none were this good.

Joe had some good tips for most of us after the race. He could see different things from outside the car that each of us could improve on. I miss the days of watching different racing lines from the field while working course. Gotta try doing that again soon!

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