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Thank you HPDE instructors and volunteers.

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Hi all,

I just want to say thanks for the great weekend. I think I'm almost caught up on my sleep now and starting to feel human again. Big thanks especially to Pete L for teaching me the ropes, and I feel way smoother and more confident because of what I learned from him.

I admit I started off with sharp teeth and trust issues, as I am not used to handing my keys to a stranger, but by the end of the weekend we were laughing and having a good time. He was great with my car, and it wasn't long before we both gained the trust we needed to get on with the weekend comfortably.

I thought the track was great, and once the weather cooperated it only got better on Sunday. I think I sucked pretty bad at the figure 8 stuff, but I felt good in everything else. I especially enjoyed learning the alternate lines which will help with passing (or being passed) in a race situation. 

The only criticism I have is with a couple of small things. The meeting room at the track was hurting. Lots of broken chairs, and even most of the decent ones were covered with cobwebs and birdsh*t. Some of the scheduled timelines were a bit wonky, my best example being noon on Sunday. They told us the test was at 12:00, and those of us who were there early were told to go get lunch if we didn't want to miss it. So while waiting for food, the test started and the early folks actually missed it. Luckily, they ran it again and gave us back the chance to write it which was appreciated.

The only other concern I saw, was with the instructor in Group B who thought he should get some track time in his cool little race car while they were out there. As fun as it looked, that was a dumb time to do it, and I know of at least 1 student he rattled pretty badly when he passed in a corner, which was of course prohibited this weekend. Looked like a big case of "Do as I say, not as I do" and the apology the driver got was laughable.

Other than a couple of little hiccups, this was an awesome event, and I am very glad I signed up. I look forward to getting more involved as a volunteer, and getting out on the track again.

Thanks to everyone involved to make this event happen!

See you soon,


(Silver Viper)


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Glad you had fun! I was working out on corner 3. Deffinstely seen huge improvments thru the weekend from everyone. Hope to see you again out there. 

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I also had a blast! Thanks for putting on such a fun event. I went home wishing I could be out running laps some more. I hope to be out again this summer.

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