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Jean-Sebastien Stoezel

Fuel tank service/repair

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I've been finding some rust in the fuel filter and carb bowl of a classic vehicle, in the shape of very fine dust. 

I've flushed and removed the fuel tank, a lot of rust dust came out (orange gas). The outside of the tank is solid and there's no trace of leak or rust. If i had to guess a shop already serviced this tank as it's been painted all around and all the rubber hoses connecting to it are new.

I'm wondering what the options are to handle this.

Ignore the issue, keep changing filters and rebuilding the carb? What's the worst that can happen?

DIY treatment? I've read about different techniques with sand, nuts and bolts to try and get the rust out, then treat the tank with some sort of coating. What are the expected results and life extension on the tank for this considering the effort? I can't see myself shaking this tank for an hour.

Have a shop work on the tank? I feel the cost would probably be equivalent to buying a new tank (if i remember well a new tank for my truck was $250). And is the fix permanent?

I'd appreciate your experience with this kind of issue.





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