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Post Season Wrap up for Ice Racers

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Hello Ice Racers! Hope each and every one of you had a good time racing this past season.

There are some Post Season Wrap up points that I need to go through with each of you. In the next two weeks I will call up all the racers and have a discussion from points that came up in 2017 and also what we’re looking at for 2018.

Before starting the boring parts below I want to congratulate Damon S for finally being the bride instead of the bridesmaid for earning the Rubber to Ice Champion for 2017, good work Damon! Also a big congratulations to Lee McRae who I call “Mr Constancy” as that dog is always in the hunt; he’s like a bad ex-girlfriend you can’t get rid of. Good work boys and good work to all the drivers! Special mention to Marleen J, great to see you back behind the wheel!

Some of the points up for discussion from 2017;

Race attire: As you all know the only real rule about racing attire is no nylon as that gets messy if there is a fire. WCMA has it on our radar about using FRC’s or Fire Resistant Coveralls for all racers which is what Alberta has been using for years. A Fire Resistant Coverall is a normal coverall treated (e.g. Nomex) for fire situations and are much cheaper than getting a race suit. Yes Race suits are fine too but still no nylon.

Hans Device for Studded: Looking at making the Hans (Head and Neck restraint System) mandatory for studded drivers. Unfortunately I know personally how well these work. Yes I know they are expensive although we can look at getting rentals from the summer guys at $xx per weekend although you will need to make sure your Helmet is Hans ready for the different clips.

Mandatory Ambulance Visit on a major accident; One part we’re looking at doing, and making it a policy is: if there is a massive incident and St Johns cannot clear you properly for whatever reason then then ambulance is being called without question no matter what the driver says. I’m probably the only example in the last 25 years where this applies although I need to remove the ‘question’ from St Johns and put it on us so we all know. If you get your bell is rattled and show signs of a concussion or an injury then ambulance is being called, no point in arguing.  The ambulance can show up and clear you on their own and that’s fine although if you’re not 100% from St Johns then we’re calling the bus. I’ll chat to each of you about this for input.

Roll Cages Certifications and Roll Bar A-Pillar bar addition; this is the biggie and now we’re forced to take it serious as crap can happen and it did. What I am going to do for 2018 is that every single cage in existence new or old is going to be re-inspected and re-certified going forward and there is no exceptions no matter what. This is coming from the guy that lived the dream and I will still be living it for at least 6 months. I will chat to each of you on this and there will be discussion points:

 Are all your welds seamless?
Are there proper gusseting?
Are your bars in the normal configuration?
 Are your floor plates the proper size?
Welds in right/decent shape?
Roll bar pipe the proper OD and proper thickness with inspection hole?
** We will do inspections ahead of time in case there is an issue and I will personally help anyone that may fall short with material or welding or whatever.

Roll Bar A-Pillar Addition: I am going to propose the addition of the extra down-bar for the a-pillar to make a triangle of the a-pillar. It will be a straight pipe (no kinks or bends), please see photo attached below. I was thinking this will be standard for Studded going forward although we ‘should’ do this for every single RTI car too. My roll-over was around 55mph and the RTI cars can do that easily. As it turns out, new cages for 2017 already need this bar as so I’m told.


** Do NOT do any changes just yet to your roll cage until you hear from me (us) just so we’re all on track.

Input on venue’s discussion points:

Portage Double header?
Keep it a double header?
 Looks like it will be the same Long Weekend next year and we can get on proper hotel rooms right now
 City of Portage did kick in $1500 towards this race as of 10 days ago whereas it was going to be a deficit
 I will be better equipped to plan this in 2018 instead of sitting in a hospital bed

Gimli Sunday format?

I know many RTI guys like the 6 race shootout in the morning as they don’t want to break/risk their cars in Studded Racing
I know many Studded racers LOVE Enduro and I am one of those, it was hard to ‘watch’ this past Sunday
The worker’s appreciation ride-alongs seems to have grown old so maybe we can do something more purposeful during that period as a thank-you to the workers. Plus still plan some ride-alongs for VIP’s, etc in advance. I could be wrong.


Yes I know this sounds like a lot of changes and some of them being expensive; E.g. FRC, Hans, A-Pillar Roll Bar. You can share input here although I will call each of you in the next couple of weeks and go through these points in person.

Thanks everyone.

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