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World Of Wheels 2017???

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As we all know, the club had stated that we would do the World of Wheels (WOW) car show every two years or so. We even won 3rd place and $500 in 2016 for the best club display contest! It was a huge hit with the WOW staff and organizers as well with the crowds. We got a ton of exposure and even a few new members!

The WOW chair has requested our presence for 2017. The club is considering accepting their request however we need your help!

Organizing the show is a very large undertaking and we need more than two people to get everything together. So, the intent is to enter the show but we need volunteers signed up for the following first:

1) Pre-Show Organization: We need people to track down materials and equipment for the display such as stanchions tables etc; People to help organize the cars and get the forms signed sealed and delivered; set up the displays; get forms printed; people to help design the display and so on

2) Staffing the Booth: This hasn't been an issue in the past but it is a place where bodies are needed. The idea would be to have at least 3 staff on per shift with a member of each discipline to answer questions.

3) Providing the needed equipment: as last year we need a pile of items such as but not limited to:

  • Stanchions/Rope - We used cones last year but people just walked through. we need a physical barrier.
  • Table big enough and strong enough to support a TV and have a couple members occupy the table to help with the display items and answer questions.
  • TV big enough to have a group watch cyclic videos of each discipline.
  • A device to play the video's into the TV depending on the media supported by the TV.
  • Power Cables
  • Some Type of floor covering? (options?)

4) Providing the cars: if we enter, we will be looking at a 6 car spread again. We'd like to include every discipline as usual with "pre-show organization group" laying preference to which cars will bring the largest audience. Once we get the pre-show org group together, they will be looking for car submissions.

5) Transportation assistance: March is a goopy time of year. If anyone is willing to lend their trailer for delivery, please let the pre-show org group know.

6) Video Editor: We need someone who can take video submissions and put them into a video loop to run at the show.


Please post up and let us know what you'd like to be a part of!

We may add more positions once we start moving through the process.


Thank you from your WSCC executive!

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Hi Darin,

Regarding #3 - I have a 55" TV and tripod stand that holds TV at eye level. I can also arrange a playback device. 

Regarding #4 "Providing the cars" - The ice race group will be prepared to provide a nice shiny ice race vehicle and studded tires for display. We weren't part of it last year although would like to put our name in there this time. We will supply protective flooring for our car 


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 I would be down to help out with show set up/tear down days as I did last year, I do still have those 2 tables, also a 32" TV but would have to be on the table as I don't have a fancy stand for it. and I'd say I'd volunteer my car under the time attack discipline but I doubt they want rustys in the show, although I do have plans for a paint job albeit spray can. 

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The club will not be participating in World of Wheels this year, as we did not confirm fast enough and the convention center was double booked, only allowing half the number of club displays

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