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      Annual General Meeting   10/30/2017

      The Winnipeg Sports Car Club invites you to attend the 2017 Annual General Meeting and election of Directors and Officers. 
      Thursday, November 23, 2017     Canad Inns “Boardroom”, 826 Regent Avenue @ Plessis (not the casino).   (more...)
      The Boardroom is down the hall by Tavern United (not the Annex room that is off the Aaltos restaurant). 

      We have the Boardroom beginning at 6:00pm. Come and join us for dinner. Take food from the Aaltos buffet back to the Boardroom where a server will take drinks orders. The club will pay half the cost of your meal.
      The annual general meeting will start at 7:00pm.    

      Please plan on attending to ensure we have a quorum to conduct the annual club business and elect next years executive.

      Thank you,
      WSCC Executive
Don P

racing stuff, and sad and happy news

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Looks like I'll need to do some tig work on my frame this winter. damn There's another broken area on the car, other than that support arm that Jean Sebastien was kind enough to weld for me back at the September race. But I have a local old buddy with a machine/welding shop at his house. lol He builds and races nitro drag bikes now in his spare time. He's a shift manager at a potash mine, but he was a millwright and operator there for many years before that too. So my damage is fixable but will probably wait until spring.

I had some sad news, and also some happy news, to share with you folks. But didn't want to dampen the Oct race /Thanksgiving weekend for anyone else so i waited until now.

My Dad passed away on Oct 2nd, but it was kind of expected by us, so it's been a bit easier to deal with than I thought. But he taught me a lot more than he probably knew he did, and will always be my bud. The massive heart attack back in the late 1990's didn't get him, but the Parkinson's and Alzheimer's in the last 5 years did. But getting to 89 years old isn't too shabby though. He was a tough old bird. ;)

On the happy front, I handed in my official "Intent to Retire" form to my manager at work, near the end of September. My last day working there will be Dec 15th. Other than groceries, or snow shoveling, or picking up car parts, I may not leave the house/garage until the snow melts next spring. bahahaha

Should have the car back up and running by summer and won't be thinking about another job until at least the summer/fall. The pension isn't fantastic after 35 years, but I'll get by now that all my stuff is finally paid off. Will even be looking at seasonal work maybe instead. Hard to say what exactly, just yet. I have a few options. But there won't be any more cold weather, or middle of the night stuff any more. woohoo

Hope to get out to 2 or 3 races next year. Take care everyone. Thanks for the good times at the track this year. I miss the old place when I'm not there. lol

And also keep hoping I win it big in the lotto, cuz that track would get a major upgrade. $1 or $2 million would do wonders for that place. :)




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Condolences from Ken and I on your dad's passing Don. 


But our congrats on your pending retirement, it's the best job we've ever had. We highly recommend it. 

Take care and have a good winter and good luck with the car. See you next year! 

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Sorry to hear about your Dad, Don. Sounds like you have lots of good memories of him!

Congrats on your soon to be retirement! Every day will be Saturday for you soon. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the replies.

It turns out since I posted this that I may have a job offer next spring. Seasonal work. It's a large electrical contractor doing a directional drilling project for our phone company who is doing a huge fibre optic upgrade. They are hired to do directional drilling in lanes, streets, residences to install large and small polyethylene conduit underground, so the phone company (or another contractor) can come along later and install the fibre inside.

Since I was supervising them crossing our facilities this past year or two, they pitched me a potential offer for next year, once they heard I was retiring. The young foreman said he'd talked to his bosses and they could use someone like me to work ahead of the drilling crews and make sure all crossings got located/verified and exposed by a hydrovac crew. Seems to me I'd be doing some of what the young foreman used to do, but they are adding a 3rd crew as well, which will multiply the details needed to get it all done safely since he'd now be overseeing 3 crews. He told me to expect a phone call in May. 

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. lol

But it will depend on whether I'm allowed to take certain extended long weekends when required. (for racing purposes)

It's kinda funny how things unfold sometimes. I was wondering what I'd do next when this offer essentially fell in my lap.

It reminds me of the first job I got when I was 14. Me and a buddy walked down to the local Exhibition Grounds the day the carnival company started arriving to set up the yearly carnival/exhibition/rides/booths/etc for the week long event that summer. We no sooner got there and stopped to look around when a guy walked up and asked us if we were looking for a job. Of course we said yes. Then he says, "well you won't find one standing around, go start talking to people" or something like that. Since we'd just got there we were a bit pissed he'd say that to us, as we'd had quite literally just arrived. It wasn't like we'd been standing there for awhile and were looking at everyone. So as we were discussing what a dick he seemed to be for saying that to us and then walking away, lol, another guy walked up to us and asked us if we wanted a job. Which made both of us break out laughing. We then had to explain to the second guy what the first guy had said. Then he laughed too. And we both got jobs with his booth for the week. And all because we were just standing around... lol








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