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Matty V / 1993 Ford Mustang "WeaponX"

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Not entirely sure where to have post this, but this is the GoPro video I spliced together from just this past Saturday (August 27th, 2016).  I had a great time (despite being at the bottom of the pole) I was happy to breach into the "70s" ;) 

This was my second time out and it has been absolutely so encouraging with people commenting (positively) and asking questions!  This has been so far a great crowd to meet and race with - so cheers everyone for that!





And this vid is from my first time out on July 24th, 2016:


(the video of the actual racing is not good at all, I had the cam inside the car and thought it would work out - alas...)



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On 12/22/2016 at 4:50 PM, white_cross said:

Sweet videos. I missed the post till today. I started auto crossing in a mustang too. 

Well DANG!  Looks like I missed this by Months!  Cheers.  These vids were ok.  The first (being my 2nd time out) was much better... the interior racing shots just didn't work at all. 

I took vids of the Drivers Schools this summer, I just haven't compiled the data just yet.  Will try n post here when it is up!  Be good to see more Fords out there for sure :D

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