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    • Jim Eh.

      Annual General Meeting   10/30/2017

      The Winnipeg Sports Car Club invites you to attend the 2017 Annual General Meeting and election of Directors and Officers. 
      Thursday, November 23, 2017     Canad Inns “Boardroom”, 826 Regent Avenue @ Plessis (not the casino).   (more...)
      The Boardroom is down the hall by Tavern United (not the Annex room that is off the Aaltos restaurant). 

      We have the Boardroom beginning at 6:00pm. Come and join us for dinner. Take food from the Aaltos buffet back to the Boardroom where a server will take drinks orders. The club will pay half the cost of your meal.
      The annual general meeting will start at 7:00pm.    

      Please plan on attending to ensure we have a quorum to conduct the annual club business and elect next years executive.

      Thank you,
      WSCC Executive
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NOTICE: VENUE CHANGE FEB 20th, 21st: Portage Ice Racing is baaaack!!! PLUS more...

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Hello guys and gals,


It's a pleasure to post some good news for a change instead of rules and cancellations.


Point #1: I'm not sure how may remember the past Ice Racing in Portage la Prairie. I believe the last race was 2009.


Portage Regional Economic Development and the Portage Regional Recreational Authority have confirmed that we are good to go for the weekend of February 20th and 21st. This is a venue change of the previous Water Ski Park location for that date.

Point #2: As all of you are aware I need to make up the lost race day of Jan 10th on our schedule. Al M or I have spoken to many of you on the proposed change on the schedule and we're going to turn Portage Race Weekend Feb 20 and 21st in to a double header. This is a full race day on Saturday and a full race day on Sunday as per a normal race day schedule. Andre T has checked an there are hotel accommodations available and he will work on the details and let us know.


Point #3: $100 per race event!!!!!   I know we published $140 per race event in our Supp Regs although Stephen L (one of our volunteers) was able to figure out the admin paperwork and that allowed me to cut major expenses out of our budget. What does this mean?
Race Sunday #1: $100

Race Sunday #2: $100

Race Weekend Saturday and Sunday in Portage: $100

Race Weekend Saturday and Sunday in Gimli: $100

Your entrance fee is $400 for all race days in 2016. Also a good reason to hug a sponsor.




Venue: Portage is BAAAACK and they are excited


Calendar: Dates are exactly the same as in the poster, only change is a double header in Portage on Feb 20th/21st.


Cash: $100 per race event ** Thank a sponsor!



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Directions will be posted later tonight. They were already online but we needed to do a rollback on the forums server because of a database issue. Check back after supper and your hot toddy. 

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