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Posting with special characters/formatting

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For Corey ...




 To make a post with special characters or formatting (like frames/tables) do the following:


Have your word processor and the forum you wish to post in open in separate windows (only to make it easier)


Open your document or type a new one in a word processor (Windows Doc)

Press & hold cntrl and tap “A” to highlight all

Press & hold cntrl and tap “C” to copy all


Switch windows to the forum you wish to post in

Select “NEW TOPIC”

Click (move your cursor) to the text box (where you normally key in your post)

Press & hold the cntrl key & tap “V” to paste your document into your post


Then select “Enable HTML” from the box on the right . Your post will now display all the HTML tags.


Select “Preview Post” at the bottom to check if everything is O.K. In the preview window the post should contain all your special characters and formatting that you were able to do in your word processor.


Then if all is good select “Post New Topic”

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