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Found 6 results

  1. Jaarreedd

    LF/WTB: Ice Race Tires

    I'm looking to buy a set of ice racing tires (studded, 13" or 14"). They do not need to be new, so whatever condition you have is good with me. Set of 4 preferred, more if you have. Contact: Jared @ (204) 294-0286, or pm here.
  2. Official Event Details: What? It's a 2-part event: 1. Race School - Al Marcoux will be leading a racing school, designed to teach drivers the basics of racing, and techniques for getting around an ice track as quickly as possible. These techniques will be very applicable to any type of rally driving you wish to pursue. * The Race School is mandatory if you wish to do hot laps of the ice race track for this event. No race school = no lapping 2. Ice-cross style event (driving on a frozen pond, on a track carved out of the snow, in an attempt to get around the course in the quickest times possible * Please note that this will not be ice-cross in its true sense, as cones may or may not be used, however future events will stick to a regulated set of rules. Why? The purpose of this event is to start establishing a rally community here in Manitoba once again. This event will serve to get drivers out and interested, and is also convenient due to us sharing the track with the ice racers. In addition, the race school is an excellent opportunity for drivers to gain valuable skills from a seasoned expert! When? Saturday, January 7th, 2017 Schedule: 10:45 am - Driver's Meeting --> Location: Jordan's Trailer 11:20 am - Race School --> Location: Jordan's Trailer 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm - Ice-cross --> Let's rip! Where? Mazenod Pond - Off Dugald road, across from the Tim Hortons --> Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/rBdiYsSNtv82 How Much? Entry Fee: $60 --> This covers you for the excellent school, and the day's lapping. What Do I Need? 1. A current SNELL “M” or “SA” helmet - SA is strongly encouraged - SA helmet mandatory for all vehicles with factory or aftermarket installed roll protection 2. WSCC Membership --> See here: http://www.wscc.mb.ca/join/ 3. Winter Tires --> all season tires are not permitted How Do I Sign Up? Email rally@wscc.mb.ca, or text/call me at (204) 294-0286. It will be much easier if you contact me in advance so that I can have a solid list of who is coming. If not, you must make sure that you have the required items to participate, and that you show up for the Racing School / Driver's Meeting @ 10:45am To answer some common questions: 1. No, you do not need any special modifications to your vehicle. You can show up with your daily-driver (Toyota Tercel, or EVO X, doesn't matter), or your full blown race-car. This is about having fun no matter what you're in, and challenging your skills as a driver. The only requirement is that the vehicle be wider than it is tall (identical rules to AutoX) 2. Do I need a WSCC membership? Yes, this is mandatory for insurance purposes 3. Where can I get a helmet? You can either borrow one from a friend (lots of people in the city that do Autocross, or HPDE that have purchased helmets in the past. OR, go to Classic Motorworks or other speed shops in the city and pick one up for yourself 4. Am I going to have fun? Um, heck yes. This event allows you to do everything you already do when we get a snow storm, but without the worry of being charged for it. 5. Will I become Ken Block / Colin McRae once I've completed this event? No... But if you keep getting involved and participating, then you absolutely have a chance! Let's get this community going, and have a blast doing it! Hope to see everyone out!
  3. uebele

    1986 Honda CRX

    I am selling my 1986 Honda CRX race car. Raced it in Gimli in 2011 and half a year in 2012. Won the Western Championships in 2011 in the STU class. Car is in great condition and is ready to race. Engine: B16B VTEC - Ported and Polished Head Additionally, it comes with: - 3 sets of tires (Toyo RA1, Hoosier, and Falken) - 2 extra transmissions - Other random stuff like brakes, rotors, etc. Asking $6,000 If you would like to see it, the car is currently at: Platinum Auto Sales Inc. 3081 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3K 0W4 Email me at uebele@highspeedcrow.ca if you are interested. Videos of the car in action.
  4. uebele

    1986 Honda CRX with Trailer

    I am selling my 1986 Honda CRX race car with trailer because I am moving. Raced it in Gimli in 2011 and half a year in 2012. Won the Western Championships in 2011 in the STU class. Car is in great condition and is ready to race. Engine: B16B VTEC - Ported and Polished Head Additionally, it comes with: - 3 sets of tires (Toyo RA1, Hoosier, and Falken) - 2 extra transmissions - Other random stuff like brakes, rotors, etc. Asking $7,000 Email me at uebele@highspeedcrow.ca if you are interested. Car is currently in Winnipeg if you would like to see it. Videos of the car in action.
  5. Hey Everyone, As a lot of you know from talking to me or maybe seeing a gift cert for my shop as a prize at the awards banquette, the past few years I have been working at building an auto shop. I am very interested in supporting the club and as my shop gets closer to being open to the public I need to figure out exactly what kind of services the public (ie you racers) wants. Now I am currently not advertising with the WSCC but I plan to become a sponsor soon so please DO NOT solicit services from me until you see Xsesive Auto Design in the vendor section of this forum or my add on the WSCC website. I feel that if there were more support for racers in Manitoba then our sport would grow more. That being said I need you're input so that I know what kind of equipment to invest in to service your needs as racers. For example I know that there is quite a bit of interest in scales for corner weighting and obviously tire mounting and balancing would be in high demand in spring time. So I would like to hear from as many people as possible and repeat answers are encouraged so I can see how much demand there is for a certain service. No answer is too far fetched. If you don't have to the skills or time for something let me know. Custom fabed and welded parts, race alignments, 4wd dyno, composite body panels, full blown race car built start to finish, whatever... just write it and if enough people want it, it could be available. So just like the title says; what would you pay for?
  6. Hi all, I'm building a 1990 Honda Civic CX hatch RTI car and need some suggestions for wheel and tire size and what brand/model of tire to get. Thanks Damon