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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is being started for the purpose of assigning permanent car numbers for the 2019 Autoslalom season. Here is the information needed for permanent number application: IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RESERVE A NUMBER FOR 2019 YOU MUST FIRST RENEW OR APPLY FOR A WSCC ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ON MOTORSPORTS REG. Instructions on how to renew or apply for an annual WSCC membership can be found at the below link: 2019 Permanent Number Rules: Every year we allow WSCC members to reserve a "permanent" number to use while competing in Autoslalom. Once you get a number, you have the opportunity to renew your claim on it every year before it is released. This is the official "claim-your-number" thread for 2019. Here are the rules: You must be a CURRENT 2019 WSCC member to reserve a number. If you have not renewed your membership for 2019, please do so before requesting a number ( See instructions above ). Only numbers 1-99 can be reserved. All numbers with the status "pending renewal" will be released on April 28, 2019. Numbers will be available on a first come first served basis to anyone holding a valid 2019 WSCC Membership. (no calling dibs for numbers pending renewal) Unused numbers (those without a name beside them) can be claimed at any time. If you don't plan to autocross this year it would be appreciated that you do not reserve a number since we are running low on numbers for participants that do not have reserved numbers. Remember! Reserving your number will now allocate it to you for all events. Your number will not be available to other competitors even if you are not at the event. How to claim a number: Renewals: Post your membership number and full name in this thread with your intent to renew existing number or change to another number. First Timers: Post your membership number and full name with a request for your desired car number. 2019 Permanent Number List Entries that have been confirmed will be bolded. All entries in Italic not claimed by April 28, 2018 will be released. Please PM me if you have any questions. Weebly Edit - As promised, please find the attached Excel spreadsheet which lists all available numbers for 2019. I cobbled this file together form the 2018 thread and may have missed someone. Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions. The attached file will be updated on a regular basis. Permanent Number Listing Apr_23.xlsx
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