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Found 3 results

  1. Shane Rehill

    4 cylinder ice racer/dirt track

    ***1995 Ford Escort GT 4Cylinder/hornet 1.8 DOHC 5speed W/ parts car*** Many feature wins and always a front running car. Races at Red River Coop Speedway (winnipeg), ALH Motor Speedway (Morden), Lake of the woods speedway, and various tracks in the states, would also make for a wicked ice racer. -Welded tranny -Comes with spare head plus the motor and tranny in the parts car -102L tote full of parts (intakes, injectors, distributors, suspension parts, etc) -Newer injectors, new spark plugs, new struts, new harness belts -Spare doors and bumpers -Full containment seat not included -Comes with 6 hoosiers and a bunch of spare wheels/tires -Aftermarket fuel cell, fuel lines and fittings Come see it in action Sept. 15th, 28th, and 29th at Red River Coop Speedway. $2,000 obo
  2. Hey guys, I have an MZ3 that's been making metal in the filter for the last few months. It hasn't affected power since the dyno still shows 133 WHP. I currently use Pennzoil Patinum 5W-30. I tried changing it up from the 5W-20 I was using previously. The engine is also burning about a liter every 5000 km. The Blackstone Labs reports I sent out say that there's no significant traces of metals in the oil. Do the Duratec engines burn oil naturally? Or should I be looking at rings and a hone? Blackstone 101716.pdf
  3. aaronstumpf

    2 - 1st gen rx7's for sale! 81' & 83'

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is any intrest in one or both of my rx7's. Running out of space and time for these projects The 81' has recieved all the rust repair that was needed, brand new front end, LSD, 5 speed. About 150k on the shell itself, blue in color with a fresher 12a swapped in about <1000k ago. Transmission shifts smoothly, redline 75w90 in the diff as well as the tranny. Brand new clutch installed with the motor. WIll currently be taking offers on the car, dont have a hard set number in mind just yet. As for the 83', it needs rust repair, 2 lower ball joints and a DS tie rod end and tires for sure. Was running last fall when it was driven back from gimli and hasnt been touched since. This one has somewhere around 164k, unsure of the condition of the motor. Has an open diff, 5 speed. Clutch and transmission also in good shape. The cars interior is currently stripped in prep for rust repair. Open to offers on this one as well, somewhere in the ballpart of $1200. If anyones interested in trades, offers or a viewing you can call/text me at 204-799-7487, worst I can say is no! I would love to see one of these become an ice racer/ AutoX car. Planning to post up pictures tonight!