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  1. We can mark this as sold... for now... safely tucked away in the trailer. Maybe it gets put back up after the zx10, flatshifter, nitrous, some carbon fibre, new wings, a bunch of hours, and (at least) one hilarious autocross outing. I look forward to seeing if I can make it as ridiculous as Gord would have. Gary
  2. If it was easy, everyone would do it... http://www.wcma.ca/new/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/2018-WCMA-Technical-Regulations-02012018.pdf https://www.fia.com/file/73846/download/20691?token=-HU9nfAD - appendix J of article 253 https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/regulation/file/253 (2015).pdf - article 253 Reading the FIA stuff can be a pain in the ass. Lots of cross referencing other documents/sections. Appendix J of 253 has the diagrams and most of the technical details of what you should build.
  3. That was a Honda fireblade 900 ('ish?) cc engine Corey, yes, with nitrous, and also yes, very entertaining. It's a homebuilt chassis that Gord did a run of (I think) 6 cars. It was stolen in ~2004 or so, and Gord got it back (long story in it's own right) a few months before he passed away. The engine is still there, albeit sawzalled out of the chassis (they cut the steering wheel off, instead of using the quick release, so you can imagine the sort of folks involved). Mostly intact, but will need quite a bit of TLC. No cage, so putting it on the track will require some additional work. I'm not sure what it would take to put it on the road, or if it's even possible. I don't really know the car very well (it was gone a long time, and only around for a couple of years when I first knew Gord), but I can try to answer any questions. Gary
  4. Thanks to everyone who made that such a great event - it's always a pleasure being 'welcomed home'! The improvements since last year were incredibly noticeable, the positive attitudes were infectious, and it was as big an event as I've seen out there in 10+ years. Good work all! Gary
  5. Do Fortune-auto have a Winnipeg store / service shop / shock dyno? Gary
  6. I'll be there tomorrow evening around 8 - single car, single car trailer. We'd like to pit the two FC's side by side, if possible. Thanks, Gary
  7. It's going to take me awhile to get used to being able to come into the pits from all directions. Great job folks!
  8. I'm sure you've seen this, not much help here: http://www.autocourse.ca/archives/runoff/1974-runoff.htm Which has Bob Beyea as fast qualifier in a Lola T340. There is an article about it here, but I'm not a member, so can't see the full size image: https://newspaperarchive.com/winnipeg-free-press-oct-07-1974-p-55/ Graeme Cameron was, apparently, CASC champ in '74 with a KRB Titan MK6: http://www.formulafordbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/1974-CASC-Formula-Ford-Champion-Graeme-Cameron.pdf Interesting stuff! Gary
  9. I was thinking on the drive home last night... there have been quite a few open wheel fatalities the last few years... maybe I'm completely wrong on this.
  10. I'm not convinced open wheel is what made this accident so bad... how many Moto racers have died in the last few years? Certainly more than open wheel racers (to the best of my knowledge anyway). A single seater open wheel car is capable of going very fast, and there just isn't a lot of space to put the crush structures on the cars. Add to the fact that this particular accident is about the worst case scenario (car going straight into the gearbox of a stopped car in front at high speed), the size of a crush structure that would have let him walk away would be huge. The FIA tests that the Mygale F4 car are tested to, include a 30mph front impact... double the speed will quadruple the energy to dissipate, and I'd bet he was going closer to 3 times 30mph. I'm not here to argue that an openwheel car is 'as safe' as something else, but to simply label them 'most dangerous' doesn't seem particularly helpful either. I feel much safer in my Reynard in T1 at Gimli that I do on Highway 1 in my Toyota most days... Gary
  11. If you can get enough folks together - CCP composites in Winnipeg will sell full rolls of carbon / breather / bagging supplies. I talked to them a few years back, but couldn't justify an entire roll. Very nice people.
  12. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone interested? There are also lots of parts, and a few cars - Lotus Esprit, Lotus Europa roadster (big project), 2x MK1 Ford Cortinas (projects). If there is something you know Gord had, that you're interested in, let me know - 306-FiveThreeThree-0146 Trailer loads up in the next few days. Gary
  13. Also - to be clear - these will be cheap, and I can deliver to Portage, Winnipeg (flying J), or Gimli - Aug Vintage weekend. Someone must be able to use them? Gary
  14. The green rims are for a Neon with 125/90R15 tires - set of 4. The lindorfer tires are a78x13 - 5 tires, 1 with a random rim Non-studded are 155/80R13 with 4x108mm (I think?) rims - set of 4. Bolted tires are 155/80R13 set of 5 - 2 rims 4x98mm(I think) Bolted tires 115/70R15 set of 7 - 7 4x4" (I think) rims
  15. Hey all, I know it's not the time of year anyone is thinking about this... Gord had lots of (old) ice race tires - all sorts, stud, bolt, screw, lindorfer, etc, etc. They need a new home, we have some pics (I'll try to get them posted up here), but I'm hoping someone would be interested in a pile of tires/wheels for cheap (not really sure on price yet, not really sure on a complete count either). I'll be bringing the big rig out for the Aug Gimli weekend, and can fit them in. Who is interested? Gary
  16. I've registered for the race, but would also like to register for both sessions of the test day. DLB won't let me, as I'm not a WSCC member (I am a QCMA/WCMA member). I suspect Gord is in the same boat. Ok if we pay at the track on Friday? Thanks, Gary
  17. One other question - I was looking back through mylaps, and a few years back ('08/09/10/11/12) the track length was 2.1667 KM, in '13 it goes to 2.377 KM, 2014 it is 2.000 KM. The T9 change happened for the 2008 season, and there isn't mylaps data for previous to that. Not a big deal, just thought I'd mention it. The historical folks will have a great mystery in 30 years over what changed for the '13 season. Gary
  18. Thanks for all the work in the timing trailer Doug. Gary
  19. Yep, we had a great time as well - so good to see everyone again. Great racing, my race with Helmut in Gord's 61 is one of the funnest I've had. Thanks to everyone who put time/effort in to make it happen. Gary
  20. I'll be there, was able to register via DLB for the race, but not for the Fri testing. I'm in for the late session - will pay at the track. Gary
  21. I was one of the drivers at Spokane for Noel.The neon was a blast - for those that don't know, it's mid-engined, RWD. 50/50 balance, great brakes (1 set lasted all 36 hrs), reasonable power (alas the turbo motor went 'away').Could use stiffer shocks, and an LSD, but chumps $$ limits get in the way. You just have to be smooth to get the most out of it.You'll have a great time driving it. ChumpCar isn't full of clowns in wacky cars with garbage glued on, these are real race cars, some prepped by real race shops. Not every driver is as good as you or I, but everyone has to start somewhere. Do it!Gary
  22. Typo in Appendix 5-2-c, 'rool bar' I suspect should be 'roll bar'.See, I actually do read the regs!Gary
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