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  1. Leno's Garage featured these and I thought these would be awesome for anyone driving a modified car or to keep in a race car. Maybe even something the marshals can use instead of the big heavy ones the club is currently using. These could be kept in the back pocket while marshaling for very quick response times to put out fires without the inconvenience.
  2. If you still need this done I will ask my shop partner if he has time to help you out. He's a professonal welder and would do an even better job than I would. Plus he has more free time than I do lol
  3. I think cross promoting is a great idea. There may be some drag racers out there who are tired of going in a straight line and dont know it lol. Daryl may not like to co-op but that does not mean that WSCC guys can't show up for a scheduled test and tune night and get a time slip. So this is what I am thinking: WSCC could hold a One lap of America style event that is spread out throughout the summer. The events would include all the 4 wheel motorsports offered in manitoba and competators would be able to choose 3 out of the 5 to earn points towards a "One lap of Manitoba" title. IE a road racer could choose one of their best Road races then try out an auto cross and a drag race, or an autocrosser could do a time attack and a drift event. (A RWD road racer may be able to try all 5) I think the class and points systems from autocross would work very well for all the timed events. some other system would have to somehow tie into it for the drifting as a judged event. We would have to pick a few dates of each of the disciplines to set as official events that go towards the title so that each dicipline knows there may be newbies in odd cars showing up. What better way to attract a few drag racers over to our side than to show up in a formula V obviously most non road racers would not be able to show up for a door to door race but I think its only fair to include the road races as everyone else would have a chance to earn points in their current discipline. and anyone planing on doing time attack would need a licence as well, so we would need to get this set up in the winter and have the word out before the hpde. We could even get the word to the drag community if this is going to be a thing and they could join. If the ice racers want to join in I would suggest something like an ice autocross.
  4. good point, that could get out of hand lol this car is supposed to be my family car not my race car so doing mods to it would take money away from the car that is waiting for funds for an engine which is supposed to be my actual race car. Plus I plan on trading it in to get a bigger family car in the next few years so mods would be a big waste of money that way.
  5. Well not to be too obvious but of course there are cars with similar or worse deficits in H... H is the basement of pax Most of the cars I referenced actually used to be in G but were bumped down to H, making almost every car that was already in H obsolete. There is still one guy somehow winning with a base Mini Cooper. (horrid ratio of .051 if I recall but gearing and amazing handling make up for it I guess). And yes I did think of torque and gearing but those are very hard things to compare. If I ever do end up running the 3 I will go with what the majority says and adjust pax for my self afterwards as you said if need be. This was actually a fun debate... I just hope I don't turn into one of those guys who argues just for argument's sake on a related story, I once took the 3 to an event in Ft. Macleod Alberta and ran a Streets setup in the ST class as they did not have a street tire multiplier for their stock classes yet since most used R comps still. One guy was baffled as to why I was in ST when the car looked and sounded bone stock. Everyone in ST there had very obviously modded cars. I finished about mid pack in class because the car was only slightly prepped. I am sure though that I would have been at the back like Brendon and I were at the Gimli event if the car was at the zero prep level it is now.
  6. unfortunately the updating rule starts in SP. maybe this will help make my case a bit better... power to weight ratio of some of the prominent cars in H (hp per pound) Civic Si .069 500 Abarth .068 RSX Type S .071 Fiesta ST .072 08 Mazda 3 Sport .056 (156 hp 2780 lbs) 10 Mazda 3 Sport .055 (167 hp 3025 lbs) Even if somehow the 2.3 Mazda ecu can learn the 2.5 good enough to produce the Fusion's 175 hp, it would still only make .063 hp per pound. I am thinking the 167 hp of the 2010 with the mazda ecu is more realistic so that would be .060. Again I will ask if I ever do run the car. If anything I think it would be justified to bump the car into GS (full of turbo cars) as a penalty. This argument is mostly for principle as I am running for fun this year but a lot of the fun is sucked out when you see your results way down in pax overall just because your car decided it liked the taste of its own bearings lol and the replacement engine is half the cost and a lot more reliable. A bump into SP just seems pretty extreme to me over 20hp max (some of which would be made up with an exhaust), that the car will just wheel spin away as it is notorious for.
  7. True about the 15-25hp difference in the motors but its the same motor which is in the newer 3s still in H. And lets look at the new class leader Mr Fiesta ST shall we... 197 hp, 202 lb-ft, curb weight of 2720 lbs. Curb weight of mine is around 100 lbs more with at least 25 less hp and torque with no brake torque vectoring voodoo. All in a car not optimized in any other way for the class (no upgraded sway bar or exhaust, noncompetitive tires, street alignment ect.) So I think I would be justified in staying in H streets, but that's just me lol I am running the 2.5 injectors. there is some debate over which to use but in most cases the 2.5 injectors won out. I do have a fusion intake but the mazda throttle body does not bolt to it and the fusion one is not recognized by the mazda ecu. If I can find a mazda 2.5 manifold and TB that is the best option, but it would probably cost me another $300 or more. I may do that down the road but for now some RTV will have to do.
  8. Major update! It seems the 2.3L duratec that came in these cars (and a few fords) are prone to eating their bottom end bearings, resulting in rod knock and the need to rebuild or replace the motor. Mine came very suddenly during fun runs at the Gimli autox event. no metal in the oil before and very little oil usage. So when it started knocking I was very surprised. A quick google search though revealed the 2.3 curse and I had my answer. the 2.3 has since been replaced by a much better built 2.5 based on the same block but of course with better internals. Interesting the 2.0 which is also based on the same block didn't seem to suffer from the same curse. The good news is that the MZ3 motor can be swapped with a 2.5 without changing the ECU. Amazing I know but there is a several huge threads of successful swaps with many miles on them. Also becuase the 2.5 is in much less demand they are cheap used! A used 2.3 is easily double the price. I have completed my swap with a 2.5 now by swapping pretty much all the dressing from the 2.3 onto the 2.5 that came out of a ford fusion, and it runs great. the main issue is that the intake manifold from the 2.3 has smaller ports than the 2.5 so there are various ways to seal it or use a 2.5 manifold but at the moment I still have a leak in mine. I will be fixing it when I pull my front end off to put the AC condenser in front of my rad. Even though I am going to try to avoid autocrossing in my only family car from now on, technically this swap puts the 3 way out of H street class, but I would argue that it just puts it somewhat back in line with the cars that have been moved into H in the past few years. So if I enter it I will ask permission from the street group before running.
  9. I actually had the idea to make such a business a few years ago but of course did not have the money to do it and have since pretty much abandoned the idea.
  10. Thanks for all the well wishes guys! here is a bonus I just took the other day. He was chilling on my lap while I was watching youtube when I noticed he was reaching for my sim wheel. So I moved the chair over and he grabbed it with both hands and was turning it for almost 5 mins.
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