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  1. Leno's Garage featured these and I thought these would be awesome for anyone driving a modified car or to keep in a race car. Maybe even something the marshals can use instead of the big heavy ones the club is currently using. These could be kept in the back pocket while marshaling for very quick response times to put out fires without the inconvenience.
  2. If you still need this done I will ask my shop partner if he has time to help you out. He's a professonal welder and would do an even better job than I would. Plus he has more free time than I do lol
  3. been off the forum for a while and missed the meeting announcement but sounds like some really great discussion went on.
  4. Wow, definitely need to up the attendance next year. I counted only about 15 guys who made 10 (or more) events. There were a lot of names (myself included) who used to be full season regulars and only ran a few events this season. Just seems to be a lot of guys getting into new chapters of their lives so I am looking forward to the meeting about getting new blood to smack a few cones around.
  5. I would be down for a meeting on this.
  6. Where was this sandbox thread mentioned? did I miss something or was something deleted that would have made sense of this?
  7. I think cross promoting is a great idea. There may be some drag racers out there who are tired of going in a straight line and dont know it lol. Daryl may not like to co-op but that does not mean that WSCC guys can't show up for a scheduled test and tune night and get a time slip. So this is what I am thinking: WSCC could hold a One lap of America style event that is spread out throughout the summer. The events would include all the 4 wheel motorsports offered in manitoba and competators would be able to choose 3 out of the 5 to earn points towards a "One lap of Manitoba" title. IE a road racer could choose one of their best Road races then try out an auto cross and a drag race, or an autocrosser could do a time attack and a drift event. (A RWD road racer may be able to try all 5) I think the class and points systems from autocross would work very well for all the timed events. some other system would have to somehow tie into it for the drifting as a judged event. We would have to pick a few dates of each of the disciplines to set as official events that go towards the title so that each dicipline knows there may be newbies in odd cars showing up. What better way to attract a few drag racers over to our side than to show up in a formula V obviously most non road racers would not be able to show up for a door to door race but I think its only fair to include the road races as everyone else would have a chance to earn points in their current discipline. and anyone planing on doing time attack would need a licence as well, so we would need to get this set up in the winter and have the word out before the hpde. We could even get the word to the drag community if this is going to be a thing and they could join. If the ice racers want to join in I would suggest something like an ice autocross.
  8. oh thats right, there was debate about getting karts included in Canada like the states does
  9. in other words you have to have demonstrated to a government official that you can operate a motor vehicle safely to race. makes sense. karts must fall under a different rule set though, because don't children race karts at sanctioned events?
  10. Big thanks to Brian Wiebe for the co-drice in his RS! Will be hard to top a car with drift mode but people are welcome to try. And if anyone is wondering, yes Drift mode works! I will be camping in Riding Mountain this weekend so if anyone was thinking of offering, then save it for event 13. Just a note and not sure how much evidence it is of my help but both rookies I drove with this year dropped a couple seconds over the 4 runs.
  11. I believe he just needs a parent to sign a waver. Don't take my word as law but Tim's son was racing at 16.
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