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  1. Hi everyone this is Jason, I'm thinking of having a rallyx at my house again. If you are interested please text me or comment. If I have enough interest I can do more this winter thanks.
  2. i would like to get a race day going in the next week or two let me know what you think
  3. Ok lets make it for sun. The 15th
  4. What day works for a rally cross at my house let me know.
  5. Jack you need and shti car so you can save 2gs a race
  6. I hope you all had fun thks for coming out
  7. I need to set know who is coming to rally cross can you pls email or text pegcitymotorsports@gmail.com or 1-204-899-3902
  8. Just no open roof cars
  9. Do we have a list of cars for the rallycross on the 4th
  10. Track will be good for the 4th no more ruts
  11. Is it a go for rallycross on the 13 if so all car can come. The track is .5kms good turns. Black earth and grass for now so awd cars and snow tires will be grate. Rip it up and have sum fun.
  12. Good thing i have a rallycross track in my backyard .5kms no rocks